6 Best Tumblr Tricks and Tips for 2021

Tumblr is an excellent social networking and microblogging tool for showcasing your ideas and thoughts. Tumbler has some lovely gimmicks, such as turning off the safe mode and so on. The year 2021 has delivered the people a brand new Tumblr.   

Tumblr has been pronounced as “tumbler,” is an American microblogging and social networking website started by David Karp in 2007. Automatics now owns it. The service allows users to upload multimedia and other information to a short-form blog. Users can read and comment on other people’s blogs. Bloggers have various options for making their blogs private. Many of the website’s capabilities are accessed through a “dashboard” interface for bloggers. If you wish to learn more you can visit this website.

How to Navigate Tumblr

You’ll be sent to your account’s dashboard when you first log in to Tumblr. It’s similar to Facebook’s news feed.

The dashboard shows you all of the new information on all of the blogs you follow in real-time. 

You’ll find a list of recommended blogs to follow depending on what you’re already reading and the Radar on the right-hand side of the page. A post that is currently popular on the site is featured on The Radar. 

How to Post On Tumblr

You do not need to publish material on Tumblr to use the service. You can follow other blogs on Tumblr without actively constructing your page, much like you may peruse the information on Twitter and Facebook without interacting with anyone.

It is, however, simple to develop material if you decide to try your hand at starting a Tumblr blog. Locate the blue pen symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the Tumblr site. When you click the icon, you’ll be given the option of posting a text message, a photo, a quote, a link, a conversation, an audio file, or a video clip.

How to Use Explore Tab

The Explore tab is where you may find intriguing articles on themes that interest you. This is the simplest way to locate new blogs to follow if you’re new to the Tumblr platform. Remember that if you don’t read other people’s blogs, Tumblr will become dull and lonely. A Recommended for You link is located at the top of the Explore page and numerous content categories such as Trending and Staff Picks. On the right-hand side, there’s also a list of the most popular searches right now. How to Keep Track of Your Keywords

It might be easier to stick to a particular search time for some topics. Go to the Explore tab and type your keywords in the box at the top of the page to track down a search phrase. In the search field, you’ll see a Follow option that you can click.

How to Make an Audio Post with Your Phone

It is possible to upload an audio post directly to your blog using your phone. And we don’t mean utilizing the Tumblr smartphone apps, and you can produce content by making a phone call to your blog. This feature isn’t for everyone, but it’s a practical choice for some sorts of Tumblr sites.

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts: How to Use Them

Whatever app you’re using, keyboard shortcuts are a surefire method to speed up your workflow and increase your productivity. On Tumblr, here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts:

  • J: Go ahead and scroll forward.
  • K: Go backward in time.
  • L: I’m enjoying the current post.
  • N: Look at the total amount of notes.
  • Shift + E, you may add a post to your queue.
  • Shift + R. Reblog a post
  • Z + C. Create a new post by pressing

Dashboard for blog management:

For the average Tumblr user, a dashboard is an essential tool. It’s a real-time feed of recent posts from blogs they read. Users can comment on their reblog and like posts from other blogs that display on their dashboard via the dashboard. With a click of a button at the top of the dashboard, the user can upload text entries, photographs, videos, quotes, or links to their blog. Users may also link their blogs to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, which means that any post they write will also be distributed as a tweet and a status update.

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