Marketplace Advertising

ClickAdilla has recently introduced a new feature called Marketplace that aims to simplify the process of flat deals for affiliate marketing activities. In this article, we will explore what Marketplace is and how it works.

Flat deals are a type of sale where the entire traffic volume from a website is bought for a specific period. For instance, if you have an offer that you want to promote, you can come to ClickAdilla and specify the ad format, target Tier group, and one of ClickAdilla’s premium sources. You can then make a flat deal, which guarantees that you will receive all the ad format traffic from that particular source for a defined time period.

The Marketplace feature on ClickAdilla’s platform streamlines the process of making flat deals. It is a service where a marketer can buy all website traffic for a particular ad format and Tier on ClickAdilla’s premium sources. Essentially, it is an online marketplace where advertisers can find and purchase ad inventory directly from publishers. By using this feature, you can avoid the usual bidding process and agree on a fixed price with the publisher.

The Marketplace is designed as a new section on the sidebar menu in your ClickAdilla account. It offers various filters that allow you to find the right ad inventory for your needs. For example, you can filter based on ad format, Tier group, and source. You can also see essential metrics such as the minimum and maximum bids for each ad format.

The primary advantage of using the Marketplace feature is that it simplifies the process of finding and buying ad inventory. You no longer need to negotiate with individual publishers as everything you need is available in one place. Additionally, it can be an efficient way to purchase ad inventory as you can negotiate a fixed price for a specified period.

Marketplace advertising is a powerful tool for marketers who want to target a specific audience. By purchasing the entire traffic volume from a website, you can ensure that your ads reach the right people at the right time. This can be particularly useful for niche markets where the audience is highly targeted and difficult to reach through other advertising channels.

In conclusion, ClickAdilla’s new Marketplace feature is a valuable addition to the platform that simplifies the process of making flat deals for affiliate marketing activities. By using the Marketplace, advertisers can purchase ad inventory directly from publishers, negotiate a fixed price, and reach a specific audience more efficiently. Marketplace advertising is an effective tool for marketers looking to optimize their ad spend and reach their target audience.

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