New-Age Entrepreneurs Making India Proud

An entrepreneur creates or develops a new business and takes on the responsibility of converting ideas into commercially viable entities and new-age entrepreneurs making india proud. New-Age entrepreneurs are often seen as innovators working with new ideas, services, goods, or businesses. However, contrary to popular belief, a successful entrepreneur is not someone who necessarily starts a new business. You can also have an entrepreneur who plays a key role in setting up a new vertical within an existing business or company. These innovators are always on the lookout for opportunities and building a venture that helps bridge the gap between goods, services, or knowledge among the target audience.

A glance at the list of successful entrepreneurs makes it evident how they’ve played an essential role in building the economy of the country.

Here are the top 3 Indian entrepreneurs who have  broken barriers and made path-breaking decisions to alter the business scenario in India.

  1. Manpreet Singh: Manpreet Singh is the co-founder of Innokrats. He’s always had a strong affinity towards computers and gadgets which led to the success of Innokrats within a short span of time. He started developing his own websites, which turned into successful business ideas over time. He co-founded Innokrats, with Bikram Singh Multani. It is a tech company that focuses on Network Attached Storage Devices. Today, Manpreet Singh has become a well-recognised name in the tech market space. He is working in various sectors, including tech, real estate, food, and sustainable fashion presently.
  2. Sanjiv Bajaj: Sanjiv Bajaj is the  Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv. He has been instrumental in taking Bajaj Finserv to new heights and combining sustainable profitability with innovation. Through his multiple endeavours, he has converted Bajaj Finserv into a financial powerhouse straddling various business lines. A leader with immense entrepreneurial skills, Sanjiv Bajaj is a force to reckon with and can be counted on for continuing his play with innovations and initiatives.
  3. Karan Adani: Karan Adani is the CEO of Adani Ports and SEZ. He has played a key role in developing this vertical of the Adani Group and has led Adani Ports to become an integrated logistics company. His main objective has been to add more value to the system for the customers. He believes in setting high benchmarks in all the areas of his business. He has been instrumental in steering the growth strategy of Adani Ports, which resulted in its rapid expansion. He is listed among the top ten entrepreneurs in India and is surely on the way to paving new routes for the company to expand.

There are some common qualities that all successful entrepreneurs possess that help them bring in the required innovation and initiatives to expand and develop businesses. Let’s look at some of these skills that are common among the top ten Indian entrepreneurs.

  1. Curiosity: All great new-age entrepreneurs have this trait that helps them discover new problems, explore potential opportunities and innovate based on these ideas. Curiosity is what leads them to explore avenues beyond their comfort zone and venture into unexplored territories.
  2. Strategic Thinking: Learning to dismantle a problem to reach its very core and then building upon the opportunities of growth is a sign of a successful entrepreneur. Strategic thinking allows the leaders to think of innovative solutions and identify the low hanging fruits.
  3. Time Management: No leader or successful individual can make it big without proper time management. Given the nature of their work and the responsibilities involved, they have limited time available, which needs to be managed effectively. It requires careful planning, setting certain milestones, efficient execution and iteration. No project would see the light of success without the right time management and allocation. When an entrepreneur ensures that time management is prioritised while leading a team, it acts as a compelling reason for others to follow and a guide for them to emulate.
  4. Resilience: Developing new ideas and innovative concepts are often accompanied with failures and hurdles. Being able to handle stress, rejections, lack of focus, and burnout is an essential trait of any entrepreneur. The eagerness and determination to fight are instrumental in building a successful business.
  5. Discipline: Self-discipline paves the road for finance leaders to disrupt industries through innovation. Leaders are spearheading political and corporate empires that work as great inspiration for the youth, thereby propagating rapid growth and development globally. Being consistent in delivering objectives materialises to motivation in an organisation to remain committed and persistent while ensuring the delivery of goals.

Our country is home to great business people who are equipped with these essential entrepreneurial skills and are ready to take our country to new heights and help build a stronger nation. Young and new-age entrepreneurs are paving the way for a smarter, better and efficient tomorrow that we all need.


New-age entrepreneurs and their contribution to the national economy is a topic much spoken about. We are familiar with the impact these innovative minds have in building a nation. This article discusses who an entrepreneur is and how the definition can vary from firm to firm and individual to individual. We also shed some light on leading new age entrepreneurs of India and the skills that they possess. These entrepreneurial skills are essential for any business idea and individual to succeed.

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