Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Drains Clean

The worst thing that can happen to your home is a clogged drain. It can be time-consuming and costly to deal with them, and they always seem to occur at the worst possible time. Experience reliable drains clean services for clog-free pipes. Expert team ensures efficient and thorough solutions for a smoothly flowing plumbing system.

Although you know drains get clogged, you should not ignore the problem. If you call the professional drain cleaning service, you will save yourself from the headache of unclogging a clogged drain.

The ten most common causes of blocked drains are:


Clogged drains are caused mainly by the hair, whether human or animal fur. The bathroom drain can get clogged while you are taking a shower or bath, or the sink may run slowly. In combination with grease or any other sticky substance, it clogs up the drains.


We often make the mistake of removing everything from the sink. Many materials are supposed to be washed away by drains and pipes.

This is not the case despite this. Your drain may become clogged because of an excess of dirt. Also, it can clog up your pipes by combining with other greasy substances. 

Mineral Buildup:

Hard water is infamous for collecting mineral masses that are insoluble in water. It is easy for your drains to get blocked by this continuous mineral deposit, reducing water flow. 

Food Waste: 

Food waste usually clogs kitchen sinks. It is not advisable to flush food waste down the drain, even if the sink has a garbage disposal.

You can still end up with blocked pipes if oil, grease, or tea leaves solidify.


Using soap to clean your pipes can also block them. This is, unfortunately, the case. In soap, fats and minerals are likely to accumulate. This soap residue is called soap scum.

It can clog your bathroom, shower, and laundry drains when it accumulates. Soap scum and mineral buildup often cause drains to get badly clogged. 

Toilet Paper Buildup:

You will not have any problems if you use toilet paper moderately. Toilets that are clogged with too much toilet paper won’t flush properly. Plungers or toilet augers should be used if water can be flushed from the bathroom. Do not use it if it doesn’t flush and fill without draining.

Cat Litter:

Is there a cat in your home?

In that case, be aware that cat litter is particularly damaging to drainage systems. Over time, this will ruin the drainage system in your home. Clay and sand combined with cat litter will form large clumps that block your pipes.

Use a litter box to train the cat. It is never appropriate to flush cat litter down the toilet; it should be bagged up and thrown away in the trash instead. Putting it down the toilet by mistake could cause your drain to clog.

Small Objects: 

The drain gets clogged with small objects. Typical items include your child’s toy car or pencil. Things like these belong in the trash bin, but they are accidentally flushed out instead.

Tree Roots:

Are you aware that even the slightest crack in a pipe can allow nearby trees to get in? In turn, tree roots grow within the lines, clogging them. Clogged pipes can severely obstruct water flow and cause drainage problems.

Cotton Products:

Neither wipes, cotton swabs, diapers, or feminine hygiene products should be flushed out. It is easy for these products to clog up drains as they don’t break down. When absorbing fluid, tampons can double in size up to ten times.

Maintain your drains in five easy steps:

1. Maintain regular inspections and cleanings:

Clogged drains are often the result of being out of sight and out of mind when cleaning. Clean drains and keep them clean will help prevent clogs.

You may think of drain cleaning when doing your routine house cleaning. It is unnecessary to clean the drain debris often if you put the right things in the gutter, and maybe once a month would be enough to keep it clean.

In the bathtub and kitchen sink, it is essential to check the drains for the buildup of hair, soap, or grease.  

2. Drain guards are helpful:

A pipe protector of this type is inexpensive. Water flows through drain guards while debris, such as hair, is kept from pouring down the drain.

To catch unwanted items, drain guards are usually made of rubber and attached to the drain. Hardware and grocery stores carry drain guards you can install without special tools. If you want your gutters cleaned efficiently, you need a drain cleaning San Diego company.

3. Drain boiling water down the drain:

Getting boiling water and flushing your drains with it once a week is clever. When oil or fat goes down the drain, hot water helps break it. As a result, the drain won’t gather residue.

A homemade cleaner mixture could also be put down the drain as part of your maintenance. Store-bought drain cleaners can damage your pipes or cause other health issues. Besides, drain cleaners are designed for temporary rather than regular maintenance.

Whenever you need to clean your pipes, try baking soda and vinegar instead:

  • Put a pot of boiling water on to boil. Drain all but one cup of it down the drain.
  • Immediately after boiling water, pour 13.5 cups of baking soda down the drain. Let it stand for 5 minutes.
  • Pour one cup of the vinegar mixture down the drain and the leftover boiling water. It will fizz up naturally. After about 20 minutes, flush the drain.
  • Make sure the drain is flushed well with boiling water.

Suppose the homemade cleaning mixture isn’t going down your drain or experiencing other blockages. In that situation, you should call the best drain cleaning San Diego experts. 

4. Don’t put garbage in the sink:

It will help if you never used the sink, toilet, or garbage disposal as a garbage can. Do not pour grease, leftover food, or excessive amounts of soap into the sink or toilet. Many items are poured down drains regularly that are too large for many drains to handle.

When you use the garbage disposal, only small amounts of food and easily digestible foods are in it. Make sure the water is running while you use the garbage disposal. 

When your drains are clogged because of garbage, you’ll need drain cleaning San Diego service.

5. Drain cleaning services should be done yearly:

If you don’t have the right tools, experience, or training, you can only accomplish so much. Your pipes will stay clear if you invest in yearly drain cleaning.

Video inspection of your pipes is part of the best drain cleaning San Diego services. As the plumber inspects your lines with the camera, they will be able to spot clogs and damage. 

A plumber’s snake is used after the scope to remove any debris built up inside the pipes. You will need drain cleaning San Diego service once a year. This keeps your lines clear, preventing extensive and expensive future damage.

Get in touch with a professional plumber:

Make sure your pipes and drains are healthy by calling the best drain cleaning San Diego experts. To keep your plumbing system healthy and functioning right. You will need to drain a cleaning San Diego professional to take care of everything from sinks to toilets to bathtubs.

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