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Are you looking for scopes and love to contribute your writing skills at guest posting sites by writing engaging blogs? At ReblogIt, we are always looking for new guest posting authors who have fresh ideas to impress readers and are ready to take the challenge of convincing readers to urge for more write-ups. 

If you are all set to have the scope, writing a guest post for us can give you that scope. 

Writing for us is an excellent way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert. Additionally, your content will get exposure via various social media channels and get the chance to achieve goodwill. 

If you are looking for guest posting services, look at our entire page, as it clearly mentions all the guidelines, the detailed submission process, and the right type of guest post content we accept.

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What We Look for in Your Paid Guest Post

We are one of the blogs that accept guest posts. Successful guest post contributions should always be data-driven, comprehensive, interesting, highly engaging, and educational. To increase and secure the chance that your blogs will get published on our blog, ensure that you meet all the parameters well. 

We want relevant, genuine, and well-researched posts with actionable tips.

We want 100% unpublished and original content, as we never republish posts already published elsewhere.

Relevant links from credible sites should back the guest blogs. It is better to avoid citing our competitors or using any irrelevant promotional links. 

Include genuine examples and relevant images to illustrate your thoughts and points. 

Avoid using any kind of stock photos because they don’t add any kind of value to the content.  

Including subheadings, bullet points, and even shorter paragraphs makes the posts more reader-friendly. 

Guest Posting Topics We Consider

Being listed as one of the best and free guest posting sites, our audience is individuals and teams from different organizational departments. Our blogs allow people looking for great tips, best practices, and ideal guides to improve and streamline their work process. It is why we only accept clear, readable, and compelling guest posting content that falls under these categories, 

  • eCommerce, Internet Marketing
  • Business, Insurance, Finance
  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Social Media, Earn Money Online
  • Business Services, Advertisement, Automobile & Auto Part
  • Furniture, Electronics & Electrical, Food & Beverage
  • Hotel & Restaurant, Computer & Internet, Construction
  • Education & Career, Industrial, Packaging & Paper
  • Plant & Machinery, Health & Beauty, Home Decor
  • Printing & Publishing, Sports & Entertainment, 
  • Real Estate, Tools & Equipment, Tour and Travel
  • Telecommunications, Architecture, and interior design.
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Ultimate Guides

It is better if you refer to the existing posts on our blog. Once you check the guest blog articles on our site, you can better understand and identify more topics, styles, content layouts, and the ideal tone that we always accept and prefer as a guest posting service blog.  

The Benefits of Guest Blogging on ReBlogIt

Proper exposure to a massive group of audience. 

Being listed as one of the best guest posting websites, we have 50,000+ search impressions per month, and the number is increasing steadily. We also release all the high-quality articles we publish in our monthly newsletter. Hence, the scope improves that your guest blog content will come in front of a wider audience; they will read and reshare it. 

Social Media Exposure

As we maintain an active presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, rest assured that all your guest post blogs are shared via these networks for excellent exposure.

We Don’t Pay for Your Guest Blog

One point that you should know is that we don’t pay for your articles. However, the opposite may work, as our site is one of the best paid guest posting sites. If you are a professional writer and have the skills to create exceptional articles for us, contact us with some of your previous guest post content samples.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • When it comes to guest blogging services, the submissions must meet ReblogIt’s content quality and standards to get published. Editors can reject posts and make minor edits to your article.
  • The must be 1000+ words because we believe these words will be sufficient to bring value to our readers.
  • You can only have one self-serving link. Either one link to a relevant and informative resource present in the body of the article (do follow the link) or to your site or any social media channels mentioned in the author bio (do follow the link). 
  • You can link to other relevant articles present in the ReblogIt blog that may add value to the article. Make sure that you refrain from excessive linking. The best rule is to keep the link count under 5.
  • Make sure all the guest posts or articles are well-written in English.
  • The guest post article should be 100% unique. No plagiarized content would be accepted. As we check all the articles through the plagiarism scanner, we can ensure whether they are fresh or published before, partly or completely.
  • Add a proper title and description using a proper keyword. 
  • Use proper headings and sub-headings to the content. 
  • The articles need to be submitted in Word or .docx format. PDF or other formats would not be accepted.
  • Ensure that the quality guest posts you share with us are informative, useful, easy to understand, and, most importantly, add value to our readers. 
  • Mention the names of sources so that you can prove that the facts and figures published in the articles are genuine. 
  • If you have used any quotes or photographs, ensure all of them are correctly attributed in the post. 
  • The content should be suitable for people from any demographic. 

What Type of Guest Blog Posts We Publish

Depending on the subject complexity, we publish only quality guest posts of anywhere between 600 and 2,500 words. But, 1,500 words is the average content length that is accepted.

Articles written in a casual tone are great for tutorials. However, all the contents are accepted after well-considered explorations of current and cutting-edge topics in different industries. 

Selection Process of Your Guest Posts

If you are looking for a high DA guest post sites, you have come to the right place. We read and review every article with thorough checking and then respond within 72 hours. Remember that we only accept content meeting our editorial guidelines and criteria.

If your guest post is selected, our editorial team might ask you to make further revisions, for example – including links, images, changes of information, sources, etc. Remember, our editorial team will make any kind of final edits, and then we publish it.

If your guest blog has not been selected, it means your article has not met the criteria and is not a right fit for our readers or didn’t meet the proper guidelines. There is no way to appeal a rejection, but you can always submit a fresh article. 

Guest Post Promotion

You will receive a live URL once your guest post is published on our guest blogging site. As we are considered one of the best guest posting websites, we promote certain articles and guest blogs through our networks. We encourage and request you to share your guest post with your audience via social media. 

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Consider These When You Write for Us

We decided to open up our guest posting services to allow our readers to develop something of their own. We always like to work with real people. Follow us on different social media channels to get a clear concept. This will greatly increase the chances that your guest post article will be published.

As we get 50-100 monthly submissions, avoid sending emails asking whether your article will be published. If we select your article, you will get the confirmation from our end. 

We are looking forward to some great articles, and if we find that you are the right fit for us, congratulations, you can be our permanent partner. 

Which Guest Blog Posts Topics Would Not Be Accepted?

When searching for free guest posting sites, read all the details before submitting your post or article and ensure that the blog on similar topics has not been posted before. If any of the topics were previously published on our website, we will not accept them.

Topics that are irrelevant, non-informative, or are written without proper research will not be accepted. Make sure that the topics are relevant to our business, covering different areas of SEO, for example – Digital Marketing, Website development, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, and E-commerce. Moreover, we want your posts to add value to our guest posting SEO site and indeed our millions of readers

Media inquiries to submit a guest post

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