Master Remote Work: Overcome Challenges and Seize Opportunities

Remote Work

The future of work has come where remote work is no longer just an experiment but has become a standard work arrangement preferred among employees. This significant shift in the workplace was incited by major technological advancements and changing employees’ needs.   Despite unprecedented flexibility and improved life balance, remote workers also face various challenges … Read more

Working from Home Advice: 6 Tips to Improve Your Productivity

Working from Home

Working from home was unimaginable and unacceptable 10 years ago. However, now it is our reality. Due to coronavirus, most people and companies transferred to remote work, and it is here to stay! However, productivity remains one of the top issues for people working from home. Our houses are filled with various distractions, such as … Read more

Navigating the Technological Tapestry: Unveiling the Top 20 IT Companies in Chennai

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Introduction: Chennai, a city synonymous with the vibrancy of the automobile industry, has seamlessly embraced the digital wave, emerging as a powerhouse in the Information Technology (IT) sector. In this article, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of Chennai’s IT industry and highlight the top 20 companies that have played a pivotal role in … Read more

Seven steps you must follow to set up an effective hybrid work model

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A lot of employers across the world have implemented the hybrid office model in their organizations in order to get the maximum productivity from their employees. But for that to happen, it is imperative that they get everything right and we are here to help you with that if you are planning to set up … Read more

Four Powerful Ways to Improve Efficiency and Productivity at Workplace

Workplace Productivity

As per the recent CareerBuilder survey, around two hours of efficient work is lost every day. It is quite common that employees don’t work for eight hours a day and spend at least 25% of the time taking breaks, having snacks, talking with colleagues, and doing other things. Due to this, there have been cases … Read more

5 Ways To Speed Up Productivity in An Online Workspace

Business Coach

As online workspaces are becoming increasingly popular, managers must learn some tricks to oversee and organize remote offices. With this newfound freedom with work comes a new set of challenges, as managers’ obvious (yet sometimes intimidating) ability to go around from desk to desk to check on their staff is gone. So, how can you … Read more

The vital role of the secretariat in the performance of organizations

Technical Writing

It is a series of actions that aim to provide administrative assistance within the company, factory or any facility. It is a job that provides the management with all the necessary information and data to support the work environment and achieve the highest rates of success, in order to save time, effort and reduce the … Read more