The vital role of the secretariat in the performance of organizations

It is a series of actions that aim to provide administrative assistance within the company, factory or any facility. It is a job that provides the management with all the necessary information and data to support the work environment and achieve the highest rates of success, in order to save time, effort and reduce the burdens associated with routine jobs.

The secretarial position is an important administrative job in the workplace, and the emergence of this job dates back to the industrial revolution in Europe. Employees working in the field are responsible to preserve the confidential information with excellence in honesty, credibility at work and ability to read and write as a prerequisite for obtaining this job position.

They follow-up to all papers, documents related to work before they reach the director, or administrator. With the career development, it is necessary to have a secretarial position in most facilities; such as institutions, companies, medical clinics, law firms, etc.

The emergence of modern technologies and electronic devices such as computers has contributed to the development of the secretarial sector. This led to increase its importance as one of the administrative concepts which depends on the following points:

  • Coordinating all types of work such as preparing meetings, discussions, etc.
  • Provide all the required information on time.
  • Secure communication between managers, the outside environment, and vice versa.
  • Checking documents and verifying their authenticity before they are officially approved.

The characteristics of the secretarial

  • The most important characteristic is commitment to honesty.
  • Good manners and tact in dealing.
  • Intelligence and speed of intuition at work.
  • The ability to use the appropriate language to express the topic of discussion in a correct manner.
  • Excellence with patience, and the pressure of work.
  • Arrange and coordinate all daily tasks.
  • Being active and ready to work as soon as the business hours begin.
  • Respect all individuals.

Secretarial duties

The secretarial is about doing many important tasks in the workplace, including:

  • Follow mail; this means getting the inbox on a daily basis and sending the outgoing mail on time.
  • Reception of people. Making sure that appointments are organized and dealing with people according to a structured schedule that allows them to visit a doctor, manager, or employer.
  • The use of desktop equipment and apply all processes, administrative functions based on electronic devices, which support the work accurately and correctly.
  • Prepare all reports, forms associated with employees, and customers within the facility.

The importance of developing the stuff of the secretarial sector:

As we mentioned earlier that the secretarial sector has become very vital and plays a key role in developing the business environment, whether in the public or private sector, as secretarial concepts and methods have become evolving and constantly renewing, therefore this development should be kept up in this sector by training courses in secretarial and offices management where there are a number of universities and training centers in London that offer these specialized courses.

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