How To Design A Perfect Icon For Your Mobile App

If there is something that overcompensates the most in this world, it is probably the brand logo. And the sole reason behind this is because your logo is the face of your brand, and you must work hard to make that first impression count. Reports suggest that if you have a better logo than your opponents, you are more likely to get those taps. And this is true because your Mobile App Icon on various play stores not only represents your brand but also gives various other information such as:-

  • What’s your app about
  • What all it can do
  • How good that will be

The last reason may absurd you, but yes, the first impression of a bad logo always gets us thinking that this app won’t run for sure. And that’s why companies spend thousands of dollars and hire professional app development services just to build their perfect logo.

So, how can you design the perfect icon for your application? Continue this article if you are too in a dilemma of what to do and what not to do when you are designing the icon for your application.

1) Choose a good tool

Always go for the best software to design your icons. Using better software will not only give you multiple options to edit your icon but also increase the quality of your icon in the end. Some of the famous names that designers use to design logos are photoshop, illustrator, and sketch.

Photoshop gives nice raster effects and gives options to add many things like reflection, shadow, colours, effects, etc. But the user interface can be quite confusing for a beginner; therefore, if you are a starter, go for the sketch as it has a better user interface but relatively fewer functions.

2) Choose correct colours

You can consider any app development company around the world. Everyone will suggest you to bring on bright colours to the table. This is mainly because bright colours catch the eyes more than other colours and therefore increasing the chances that you may catch those valuable impressions first. Also, bright colours should match the sentiment of your company, so use colours codes wisely. Consult with a good designer and blend bright colours with your company to make the perfect logo.

3) Summarise your app

The biggest function of an icon is to summarise what all you will be giving the customer in a second. It should be designed in such a way that customer gets the basic features of the app just by giving it a single look. For example, if you are publishing a medical fitness app, then show something related to fitness. You can either show a piece of fitness equipment or a person doing exercise or any letter with a little bit of activity or whatever your creative mind can think. just make it relatable.

4) Make it unique

It’s always good to stand out from the crowd otherwise, there will be no difference between you and your competitor. Try to not make the logo like 100 others are making in your business. Go for something different, as anything else than the normal logo among the bunch of logos is bound to get different attention.

5)Use up-to-date designs

This is maybe one of the biggest points, but hire an app development company that uses up-to-date tech and gives new and trendy ideas for your logo. Following the trend is a very crucial step to connect with your audience.

6) Test it before you release it

Always test your icon with your employees and friends and get their feedback. You need not go to a designer for feedback because the impression of the general public matters. This is because the public that will be using your app need not be artists themselves. And therefore, a diverse range of views must be collected before publishing your icon.

Although, you may never draw the perfect icon for your application, you can try to build one. And therefore using a good app development service that provides quality icon designing support is a must. Your first attempt may not be a success but keep on updating your logos. One day or the other, you will hit the sweet spot for sure.

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