2021 Best 7 Online Brand Logo Makers

Logo trademarks are also indispensable to brands, companies, organizations, and even personal brands. A good logo is impressive and contributes to brand development in the long run.

It is not easy to design a good logo. Finding a professional designer to design a logo may cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This is too expensive for a startup or a small company to find a professional designer. But your brand should not go with no logo.

Fortunately, there are also many tools on the Internet that provide free logo creation services. Here are some of the best free logo creation services.

The Most Recommended Logo Makers

DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo is a very easy-to-use online logo maker with more than 10,000 different templates. The editor is designed to be very user-friendly to novices. The drag-and-drop design can make the professional-grade logo.

Wix Logo Maker

In addition, the well-known website creation platform WIX also provides useful tools to help you create your logo.


Hatchful is a free logo creation service provided by Shopify. Why is it free? Shopify certainly uses Hatchful for marketing purposes, but it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to create a professional-level Logo for free.


With Edit, you can create high-quality logos that adapt to your needs. They contain more than 100 templates that you can use as inspiration or as a basis for creating your logo. You can edit the templates and modify them to your liking. In addition to logos, you can design other types of graphics.


With this other website, you can design the logo for your brand, with very good results from $20 (one-time fee). Designing the logo is free. You will have to pay to download it.  It has a multitude of templates grouped by categories, choose the one you like the most, customize it, and that’s it.


It is a free online logo creation program. With this tool, you can create a logo for different media easily.

You can use this website to create your logo from scratch, import your image and work from it, or use one of the templates it includes.


Canva is a powerful online photo editing tool that provides various templates for users to create images for different purposes. Canva has two plans, free and paid, but I think the free plan is enough to meet most of the needs.

How to make a logo with Canva?

After entering the Canva homepage, you need to create an account first. After the logo design is completed, it will automatically jump to the following page.

Enter the “search-box” logo, and then the system will automatically pop up a title and click the Logo option. Here, Canva provides a lot of logo-related templates. First, choose the template you like, and then make changes.

Canva provides many tools, and users can choose to upload their pictures to create a unique logo. It is recommended to select the PNG format, and you are done after pressing download.

Canva provides a large number of logo templates and powerful image editing functions. Although Canva does not automatically crop the logo to different sizes, Canva itself already supports various image sizes, such as the commonly used Facebook cover. Enter the social media name in the search box, and the system will automatically pop up related options.


Many logo creation tools on the Internet claim to be free, but no free download link can be found after the logo is created, only the payment link. Many people spend half a day designing their own logo in order not to waste time. You would have no choice but to pay, so it is recommended that when you find a logo maker tool that claims to be free on the Internet, you should quickly build a test to see if it is available for free download and then start using these tools to design your own logo. , So as not to waste time.

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