The Future of Product Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Video in WooCommerce Stores


Product videos are the most vital marketing tactic that helps you implement a stunning brand strategy. Videos aren’t only effective for promoting physical products but also great for virtual products like SaaS. It plays a vital role when you want to launch a new product online or introduce your walk-in store in the online world. … Read more

Legal Marketing Trends to Watch This 2022

Legal Marketing Trends

According to research, around 57% of clients who require the services of a lawyer search for one on their own using the Internet. Furthermore, a remarkable 66% of sole proprietor lawyers undertake their own marketing. Despite the fact that being a lawyer is not a business or a trade, lawyers and their firms must market … Read more

Why Ethical Marketing Is the Way to Get Customers

Four Marketing Techniques to Make your Business Shine

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers are not just purchasing products or services; they are buying into a company’s values and ethos. Ethical marketing, also known as socially responsible marketing, has emerged as a powerful approach to attracting and retaining customers. This strategy goes beyond the traditional focus on profitability and places an emphasis on transparency, … Read more

Why You Need to Record Videos in Your Marketing Campaign

IT Marketing Tip

You know about videos. Chances are you watch the videos (lots and lots of them), but are you getting yourself on camera?   When marketers say e-mail marketing is dead – they are wrong. When they say you don’t need videos in a marketing campaign – they are wrong again. It is said that the most … Read more

Marketplace Advertising


ClickAdilla has recently introduced a new feature called Marketplace that aims to simplify the process of flat deals for affiliate marketing activities. In this article, we will explore what Marketplace is and how it works. Flat deals are a type of sale where the entire traffic volume from a website is bought for a specific … Read more

Why Customer Data Management Matters

Data Management

Customer Data Management is a tricky thing. It is the process of storing, tracking, and using all of the information collected by a business about its customers. CDM can be really complex for companies, especially e-commerce businesses to communicate with customers across their website, mobile, social media and other channels. As customers make for the … Read more

The unmatched importance of Lead Data in Marketing

Lead Data in Marketing

The prime motto of B2B marketers traces to generating leads. Lead Data in Marketing Later on, the right kind of leads converts into customers of a brand. An individual who has shown interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form can turn out to be an effective leader. In other … Read more

The Development of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

While aiming to sell services and products efficaciously in the marketing automation, organizations had found out the significance of adopting advertising techniques early on. Industrial automation course due to the acute opposition, advertising and marketing strategies got infused with the technological innovations so that it will evolve out because the contemporary advertising and marketing, which … Read more