Why You Need to Record Videos in Your Marketing Campaign

You know about videos.

Chances are you watch the videos (lots and lots of them), but are you getting yourself on camera?  

When marketers say e-mail marketing is dead – they are wrong.

When they say you don’t need videos in a marketing campaign – they are wrong again.

It is said that the most common fear is public speaking, which will go a long way to explaining why you’re not recording yourself. Or maybe you don’t know how?

I’m not going into the technicalities that much in this post but I will be telling you why video is probably the most untapped resource there is out there to.

  • Differentiate yourself
  • To reach a wider audience (many wider audiences, actually!)
  • Get yourself to reach your goals faster
  • Make yourself a real authority in your niche and        
  • Try to be more courageous!

Let’s dive in, or should I say get rolling?

Many People are Visual

You’ve gotta read. You have to read – don’t you read every day?

Yep, books are great, and all and reading through peoples’ posts can be highly inspirational, but many people are visual creatures – just look at how popular podcasts are, where many don’t enjoy to read. In the ground of the visuals – the man who produces video is king.

When people can see you, they form a more rounded opinion of you, far more easily, and far more quickly. They can see your body language, assess how confident you are, and how open. This aids in building your (queue subheading!)


People do business with people, particularly regarding consulting services.

There has to be something more than the mere material transaction.

Any businessman has to stand out.

Any good businessman has to be respected.

You have to show you’re trustworthy, and no matter how engaging, witty, or informative your writing is, there’s no replacement for speaking directly to your audience.


Speaking your words out loud means you have to know what you’re saying. It can’t be waffly, or people will find you boring. Simple.

Speaking on video will hone your thoughts. Over time, you’ll figure out where you’re contradicting yourself – you’ll find your natural flow and style – you’ll finally speak in your own voice.

Youtube is the World’s second largest search engine.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of decades, you’ll have heard of YouTube and used it.

In 2021, roughly 2 billion searches were carried out on YouTube – around 174 million per month! That’s 5.6m searches per day and 93,500 per minute! Imagine getting even 1% off that activity and telling me you have trouble getting eyes on your opportunity and making money!

Second, only to Google, YouTube is a powerhouse of traffic in itself (hence the separate title in this blog), and because it’s owned by Google when you master the platform (and get over your self-importance of not being on cam, whinge, whinge), your videos could get covered even when people search Google itself.

Multiple Platforms to Repurpose Content

I’m going to introduce you to a technical term now known as ‘native embedding’ – it’s an awfully fancy word for saying upload your video directly on whichever social media site you’re on (like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) rather than share a link.

Social media platforms hate you sharing links to other platforms, and even if you want to piss Facebook off (can’t be done with all this Meta BS), your engagement and spread will be limited by the platform you’re on.

SO! Once you’ve recorded your video, upload it onto all your other Social media sites, and you get access to multiple potential viewers and lots more opportunities to monetize your content!

BUT! There’s more.

Ever wondered what you’re gonna say in your video? Of course, you do, which is probably why you haven’t done it.

Once you’ve written your beautifully-tempered blog post, you can literally read out your keyword-rich blog post, so you don’t even have to ad-lib your video. Takes some pressure off, right?

You could even take the subtitles of each section of your blog post and just talk about those freestyle for twenty or thirty seconds.

What you’ll find is as you do more videos, ideas for more content will come up. Speaking things out loud gets the creative juices flowing.

Honestly, once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder why you never recorded videos and why you were so afraid of it!


As with anything in life, the key is to stop overthinking and just get on with it!

Don’t you find that the people who say they can’t be on camera, or do anything important, in fact, are the ones who always make a song and dance when you’re with them – they flap and are desperate for attention.

Channeling your efforts into video will grow your business, absolutely no doubt, and, yes, in the beginning, it will feel strange talking into the computer.

But once you master video, you master so many other things.

  • Public Speaking
  • Work with a voiceoveragent
  • Video courses to sell to your customers
  • Live webinars
  • Podcasts & Interviews
  • Sales call with potential prospects

The list is endless. You just need to be a bit brave.

You know what’s Next…               

Grow some balls, my friend.

You can start on:

  • Your phone
  • Your computer
  • Do a Facebook Live to throw yourself in at the deep end if you feel like it!

I would recommend you buy a microphone, but you don’t have to.

  • Make the decision
  • Act.
  • Watch your marketing get better!

Let me know in the comments what scares you most about being on camera. Are you going to get going with it?

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