What Are Powerful Air Staplers? Here Is What You Need To Know About

When it comes to attaching materials, a nail gun isn’t always enough. Nail guns use a lot of power to drive nails into strong frame timber, so if you’re dealing with softer materials like sheathing or thin plywood, using the powerful air staplers can be of proper use to you.

For tasks where a nail gun stops to function or doesn’t work at all, in such cases, it is the air staplers that may be exactly what you need. Staples are known to work best in case of thin plywood, sheathing, screens, and fabric items. A staple gun may come in handy for a variety of tasks, including hanging outside Christmas decorations, putting house wrap, laying carpet, and so on.

Powerful air staplers are among the most used tools that carry out a lot of work. It is available easily both online and in stores. Depending on the work, the size of the stapler is determined. It is available in different types to offer a huge choice to the buyers.

Read on to know further about air staplers.

What Is An Air Stapler? How Does It Work? Powerful air staplers work from the pressurized air that comes out of the compressor, further kicking the productivity for the next few hours at the job site or other places of work. It can thus fasten and fire up the process in no time, ensuring minimal damage done to the work piece while enjoying proper control over both depth and placement. Most contractors use these staplers and ensure that they grasp properly without anything falling out of place. The staplers also do not require much maintenance compared to all other devices and do not use much electricity.

Powerful Air Staplers

How Does A Stapler Work?

Powerful Air Staplers work with compressed air where it creates power inside a nail gun that is to be fixed inside the piece of wood. They get attached using a strong glue filled inside the magazine of the nail. A blade just below the magazine gives force to the nails to shoot directly into the wood. With the air pressure directed just above the piston, the blade is forced in a downward direction. Further, the pressure then focuses beneath the piston allowing it to shoot back up. The glue applied to the nail melts away in no time as friction is created when the nail is driven inside. It is a necessity for every job as the work is reduced to half.

Powerful Air Staplers

What Are The Best Air Staplers?

  1. Looking To Buy The Powerful Air Staplers? Here are some recommendations about finding the right stapler options.Stanley staple gun: These staple guns are one of the most popular and powerful air staplers. Compatible with Arrow T-50 staples with brads of 5/8, 9/16 as well as ½ inches, these staples are used for various applications. These staples also has an anti-jam mechanism along with a dual power level.
  2. Workpro Cordless Staple Gun: These staples are highly functional and come with 6-in-1 functions that has automatic power features. This makes the staples compatible with all the staples making it perfect for use for all the purposes
  3. 3PLUS H7116SP gun: These staples are present in the third position and is very affordable so that all the users can use it. The crown size is 3/8 inch long, with the length ranging from ¼ to 5/8 inch.


As you now have known the importance of using powerful air staplers, it is time for you to buy one and work with full potential.

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