Free Methods to Recover Photoshop File after Crash

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software. It provides various advanced options to edit the images. However, like other software, Photoshop also crashes that leads to Photoshop file corruption. So, you need to learn the methods to restore Photoshop file after crash. We will discuss the manual as well as the automated professional solution to recover photoshop file.

Now, let us learn why the Photoshop files get corrupted?

Reasons for Photoshop Crashing

Before learning how to recover Photoshop files, you must learn the reasons for Photoshop crashing. It will help you in choosing the correct method for PSD recovery. Following are the main reasons for the Adobe Photoshop crash.

  • Shutting down the system improperly is the first cause of the software crash. It leads to some programs of the software closing unexpectedly that damages the software.
  • When a software is infected by a virus attack or malicious practice, it does not function properly. Photoshop crashes without saving the PSD files is one of the outcomes of virus attacks.
  • Sometimes, there is an issue in the program of the software. These issues are termed as bugs in the software. So, photoshop may crash due to bugs. To remove these bugs, developers update the software.

These are the prominent reasons for Adobe Photoshop crashing. Now, we will describe the methods to restore the damaged PSD files.

How to Recover Photoshop File

You can recover Photoshop file after crash by these two methods. Either by adopting a free method or by using a paid software. The former option known as the Manual technique is ideal for users who can perform the complicated steps and don’t want to spend money on third-party software. However, the latter option is the fastest and most effective method for all users.

The main Manual methods are as follows.

#1. Use the Open Recent Option in Adobe Photoshop

You can restore Photoshop files by using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop has an inbuilt feature to recover Photoshop file after crash. The steps to restoring the PSD files are below.

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop in your system.
  • Click on the File option in the Menu bar.
  • Select the Open Recent option from the drop-down list.
  • Now, you can check your recent files.
  • After that, select the desired PSD file and recover it.

#2. Recover Photoshop File from Backup

Creating a backup helps you to restore the deleted or corrupted files. In the case of PSD files, you can enable the auto backup facility to make the Photoshop backup folder automatically. Therefore, you can restore Photoshop files after corruption.

  • Right-click on the My Computer icon and select the Properties
  • After that, choose the System Protection
  • Now, in the Protection Settings, check whether the protection is enabled or not.
  • Click on the Create Restore Point
  • Enter the name and tap the OK button to restore your PSD files.

#3. Restore Photoshop Files from Temp File

Temp files are the temporary files that store the information while the system creates or modifies a new file. There is an option to recover Photoshop files from the temp file. To use this procedure, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your local hard drive in which you saved the PSD files.
  • Locate the Documents and settings in the local drive.
  • Search the document with your username and open local settings.
  • After that, in the temp folder check your PSD files.
  • Now, open them in Adobe Photoshop and change the extension to .psd.
  • Finally, save it to recover your PSD files.

All the above methods are manual procedures to recover the Photoshop data. Although these techniques are free, they are not effective in all situations. Also, you need to have some basic technical knowledge to perform them. Because of all these reasons, the best solution is to use third-party software.

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Professional Solution

The DRS Photo Recovery software is an advanced tool to recover the lost digital photos. It is an automatic method that involves a third-party tool to recover Photoshop files. The utility can recover the images of various file formats. Apart from that, it offers exclusive features to make file repair convenient. The software has an interactive user interface which makes it an easy-to-use utility. Therefore, it is an ideal option for non-technical users.


Recovering Photoshop PSD files is possible through various options. The manual techniques are free of cost but do not ensure Photoshop file recovery. So, the ideal solution is the automatic method which is the fastest and most effective method. Photo Recovery software is a comprehensive tool to restore Photoshop files.

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