10 Things You Must Do Right After Launching Your Website for SEO Prospective

There are businesses to feel that all things are done once the website has been launched. It is not so in reality as it is the point from where the real work starts. In this article we will discuss 10 Things You Must Do Right After Launching Your Website for SEO Prospective.

List of Things You Need To Do

  1. You should start by creating the Sitemap.xml and the Robot.txt file. If you have your personal website you would like to do all things to make the site properly visible in the Google search engine. For the purpose both these files are essential in matters of the search engines and the other website services in offer. This will help improve the layout and look of the site.
  2. Just after the website has been launched it is important to set up the web analytics. You should first judge the rate of traffic coming to your website. You should have the right statistics and all crucial details regarding the site in possession. This will help you figure out how to improve the site relevantly to attract greater traffic for the purpose.
  3. Just after you have launched your website it is important that you handle the set of Goggle master tools. It is the best tool the website owner can have in possession. The tool will help you know about the several errors that Googlebot has encountered during the indexing of the site. It will also tell you in details about the outbound and the inbound links. The webmaster tool will speak about the keywords that are frequently used on your site. The tool will also inform you regarding the security compromises and the possible malwares.
  4. After your site has been launched it is important to check with the site speed. The site should not take more than three seconds to get loaded and it is important that you make the website lighting fast with the potential increase in the site speed.
  5. After the launching is over you should start with the relevant site promotion. It is important that you draw people’s attention towards the site by means of the organic search and in the way the social media traffic can become laborious. In the way you can make use of digital marketing s a solution.
  6. To make the site appear dynamic it is important that you start providing fresh contents. In the case, the content should be the king with the rich, high quality and informative details. You should have the news releases, the company blogs, and you can even mention the events that can dramatically boost the rate of traffic and the search engine ranking.
  7. After the site is launched it is important for the same to have the best social media presence. It is important that you have a site and you are proud of it. Here Social Media acts as the perfect tool to let you get connected to the customers and drive them back to the concerned site.
  8. With the launching of the site you should start looking for the bloggers and the various web editors. It is important for the business to have the right knowledge regarding the influencers and the bloggers who are needed for the purpose.
  9. After the site is there it is necessary that you optimize all kinds of searching. Web optimization is highly necessary so that the search engine can spot your site with the best of ease. For this you should make use of all the relevant keywords in the contents of the site.
  10. Launching the site is not enough. You should also make sure to monitor the rankings. A good ranking will help in increasing the popularity of the site in specific. This will help your business to have the best income the year round.


Keeping up with the business website is just like winning a battle. However, it is important that you follow the to-do-check-list to keep things fine and working.

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