The Design And Development of BMI Calc Android Application

Yes, it is true to say that everyone wants a good physique and ideal body weight. For this purpose, he/she does a lot of exercise, says goodbye to junk food, and intake those diets having more calories that are sufficient for the healthy growth of the human body. This is why it is very important as well to keep an eye on the body mass index ratio to avoid any health issues. Keeping in view the hurdles and demands, an android version BMI calculator application has been developed by eClixTech. This is indeed a very good and handy app for everyone to keep their BMI balanced. Anyways, let us come to the point. In this read below, we will be discussing the design and development of the latest BMI Calc Android Application for mobile phones, and especially its android version.

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What Is BMI?

A particular measure of body fat that is based on height and weight of the body is termed body mass index (BMI). This statistic does not directly measure body fat, although it is somewhat associated with more direct measurements of body fat. It is defined as the body mass divided by body height squared and is always given in units of, with mass in kilograms and height in meters. 

BMI Calc Android Application:

The free BMI calculator application helps you to calculate the body mass index along with your weight precisely. Although this does not represent the actual weight of the body, the measurements are somehow or near to exact values. 

Features of Free Body Mass Index Calculator App (BMI Calc Android Application):

Following are the highlighted features of the BMI calculator application:


The design of this app is arranged in such a way that it looks catchy. Not only this, when a user starts using it, he/she does not feel difficulty in using this free BMI calculator. So go ahead and try this free app to enjoy its benefits. 

100% Accurate Outcomes:

Well, this feature of the BMI app catches the attention of a huge audience all around the globe. If you are also looking for the exact results, try using this free BMI calculator female.

Available Both Online And Offline:

As we know that not everyone has the facility of internet connection every time. That is why this issue has been kept in view while designing this application. Do you have an active net connection? No worries! Download this app over the phone and start using it for free and offline. Is it something good for you?

Body Fat Measure:

This free calculator instantly determines your current body fat depending upon the inputs you have used.

Body Mass Index Chart:

Want to know how to calculate BMI? So use this BMI Calc Android Application that displays the full-organized chart against your BMI calculations and weight calculations as well.

Waist To Height Ratio:

This free application tells you about your waist-to-height ratio in a fragment of seconds.

Normal Weight Range:

You can immediately get our normal weight range if you use this free BMI Calc Android Application. By using such information, you can easily maintain your weight.

Last Words:

Most often people think that what is my BMI. but it tell you that your time of thinking has been over as the new BMI calculator app is in your neighborhood. So just get it downloaded, start using it, and enjoy its excellent features.

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