How Can You Use Google Trends to Find Keywords?

Though everyone knows what is trending in their respected industry, sometimes you need the data through which you can reflect in more detailed data. In order to look into trends in the whole world or a specific region of the world use Google Trends. It’s a tool presented by Google solely made to help us find and analyze the trends of the digital world. 

Google Trends is a free tool that provides data on popular search terms. Basically, it fetches the data from Google, and Youtube, both of them being two of the most popular search engines gives insights that are useful for content marketing purposes and SEO. Digital Marketing Agencies use Google Trends for content marketing because it gets easier for them to rank the content with agility.

Finding Trends With Google Trends:

To find the trending topics against a single keyword is the most used feature of the Google Trends tool. All you have to do is to put a keyword in the Google Trends search bar and select the region for which you want to fetch the insights of the trend. It will show you a graph embedded with dates at the bottom and volumes at the left. 

This graph will also show you the exact time period when it started being viral and the current position of the keyword. The best thing about this kind of data is that it enables you to develop content that meets the timeline and expectations of the users properly. Google Trends’ data-based developed content connects with the users more appropriately as compared to the content that is merely on the passive data from third-party tools.

Finding Content Ideas Using Google Trends:

Creating content that helps the users is the primary goal of any website that cares for its customers. But sometimes it gets really tough to find out what the customers are looking for and what are their concerns about the services or the products being offered by you. This is where Google Trends comes in to save the day. 

Most of the concerned customers use these at the beginning of their search queries: 





But what exactly are they asking for? This is what is answered by Google Trends. Find the suitable topics that are needed of the hour to be addressed then create the content that is data-driven. This kind of content fetches more traffic than other non-data-based content and prepares the customers for more conversion as compared to other content.

Find Trends Of The Regions:

Google trends are the best friend of local SEOs as they provide information about the topics that are trends of the towns. Though not every town of the world being tracked by Google trends still it can show meaningful data about the locally trending topics. Also, it comes in handy when you are searching for the trending topics of some other region or niches. 

Google Trends gives you insights into markets of all the locations, one can use this data for their users and brands. By informing your audience about new markets and how your brand is acting into new markets you can have a satisfied customer base.

Fixing Google Trends Keywords With Third-Party Tools:

Though Google Trends gives you most of the insights for a topic or about the trend of the keyword. But if you want more information about the keyword like search volume and other metrics, compare the keyword with an existing keyword that you know the volume of. This comparison is essential in order to be sure of the potential of the keyword.


Google Trends is an awesome tool that helps to identify the trends that might be useful for marketing campaigns. But digital marketing agencies do not solely rely on Google Trends and make their keyword research thorough and clear. In order to rank the content in the viral competition, this technique is very important.

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