Working from Home Advice: 6 Tips to Improve Your Productivity

Working from home was unimaginable and unacceptable 10 years ago. However, now it is our reality. Due to coronavirus, most people and companies transferred to remote work, and it is here to stay! However, productivity remains one of the top issues for people working from home.

Our houses are filled with various distractions, such as chores, family, pets, electronics, etc. So, if you want to stay on track and improve your productivity, check out these 6 tips.

1. Create a daily schedule

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but creating a daily schedule is vital for you and your work. Have a morning routine to set off your day and jot down a to-do list with all the tasks you need to complete. On top of that, don’t forget to implement breaks into your schedule, as they influence your productivity as well.

Many may wonder how they can create a schedule when priorities constantly change and meetings are scheduled in the middle of the day. The answer is simple: adapt! Enjoy the dynamics your work has to offer and implement those challenges into your work schedule.

2. Have a designated workspace

In ideal conditions, every person working from home has a home office with the perfect amount of natural light, super-fast WiFi, and a tidy desk with all the equipment. But reality tends to be different! A lot of people work from their bedrooms, kitchen tables, and similar. This is a productivity killer, especially if you tend to transfer from one place to another.

Having a designated workspace is crucial for your productivity. If your brain associates a certain place with work, you’ll find it much easier to focus and stay productive. On the other hand, if you’re working from your bed, chances are you’ll have trouble sleeping, or fall asleep during your workday! Therefore, set up a workspace with a quality chair that will support your back during work hours.

3. Stay in touch with colleagues

While working remotely, people tend to feel isolated and left out. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to notice some consequences of remote work. So, one of the most important instances you need to implement is regular contact with colleagues you work with. How can you do so when everyone has their own tasks and worries?

Successful companies develop far-reaching employee communication strategies which have positive impacts on their productivity. Platforms that have multiple functions, such as an intranet, are a fantastic solution for remote workers. Intranet offers them a place to communicate, share files, and get the necessary information from their managers.

4. Consider time and stress management techniques

Whether you work from the office or home, stress is an inevitable part of every job. While we’re stressed, we usually decrease our efficiency which affects productivity and the end result. Sadly, most stress comes from the nature of the job, sloppy procedures, and unfriendly coworkers. Even though you can’t change that, you can change the way you react to those situations.

Time and stress management techniques, such as Pomodoro, breathing techniques, and important-urgent box will save you time and minimize the stress you feel. If you opt for methods like those, you’ll have more control over your workday and your emotions, which will lead to increased productivity when working from home.

5. Look for training and learning opportunities

Besides the general workday structure, a lot of remote employees miss out on training and development opportunities companies offer for their in-office workers. An environment where growth isn’t prioritized can decrease productivity and have a meaningful effect on the end result. So, speak up and ask for training and learning courses.

Many companies offer online training where their remote employees can participate and keep up. You can also request certain courses that will improve your soft skills and time management. On top of all that, one on one coaching sessions can drastically improve your employees’ productivity and job satisfaction.

6. Indulge in physical activities

One of the greatest issues of work from home environment is a lack of physical activity. Employees that work from the office at least commute to work or move around the office, whereas employees working from home neglect that aspect. Therefore, including physical activity in your daily routine can boost your mental capacity and make you feel overall better and healthier.

If you remember the breaks we’ve mentioned, they are an ideal opportunity to do some light home exercises. On top of that, since you don’t have to commute you can hit the gym right after your shift. Physical activity will help you feel connected. It improves your health while also boosting your productivity no matter where you work.

Wrapping up

These are only 6 elementary tips you need to implement into your habits to boost productivity. If you stick to your routine, working from home will be a wonderful experience filled with challenges, growth, and learning opportunities. So, channel your focus and maintain productivity on a high level.

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