Bulletproof Tips How to Make Money Through Survey Sites

Paid survey sites are a superbly simple way to make money online and get free gift cards online like Amazon, Flipkart, iTunes, Walmart, eBay, and lots more. This is the market research panels that you are trading to get paid surveys online. Top paid survey sites are 100% free and trustworthy and can be found online easily.

This is great to have an additional source of income, get best-paid surveys and get free gift cards online. One of the most popular options to procure fast and free gift cards is to answer surveys. Put your honest opinions always for getting regular email notifications online with the best survey sites.

Each and every paid survey that you do online can bring a variety of money up to $1 to $10. Well, there is an approach to get your cash after finishing surveys within 5 to 30 mins. Online paid surveys can support you with additional sources of earnings that you need to help your daily lifestyle expenses. Any individual can make money online with paid surveys sites, like Cinchbucks, Prizerebel, YouGov, Toluna, Swagbucks, CinchDollars, Clixsense, and much more.

There are several organizations out there who are ready to pay you money for the exchange of thoughts and feedback to take surveys for their products and services. Best paid survey sites, the list is given below.

Paid Online Surveys –Bulletproof 12 Tips

1) Can you make money from an online survey?

Yes, of course, you can make money by answering a few surveys. Don’t expect to make a lot of money for paid surveys, but it can be very helpful if you have an hour promptly every day for working on online surveys only. Taking paid surveys is a popular way to make online money from home.

2) How much do online surveys pay?

The rates vary due to a number of factors but you can expect to earn anywhere between $1 to $5 per survey. Most of the survey companies pace points. After the rewarded points can either be redeemed for coupons or cash. You can earn income somewhere between $100 to $2,000 per month, it is totally dependent on how much time will you take on or in your interest.

3) Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

There are a number of legitimate online survey sites like Cinchbucks, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, YouGov, Prize Rebel, Toluna, CinchDollars, Paid Viewpoint, and many others.

4) How can I sign up for a paid survey program?

Visit the website of the survey company, read their specifications, and sign-up for an account if you agree with their terms & conditions.

5) Are paid surveys safe?

it’s not that all the server platforms available on the internet are safe some of them are scams. It’s always advisable to take the popular server platforms. Try avoiding survey websites that claim to pay a lot of money as they could be fake.

6) How can easily I make extra cash work from home?

You can get paid for surveys in addition you can even get paid to play online games or watch online videos, or even try out a product to get paid.

7) Is it ok to lie on a survey?

You will have to answer your opinions honestly while taking up the survey because all your answers will be recorded. If your survey answers are found to be not correct then you might be disqualified further. A top-rated survey company won’t give you chances for the next surveys, as well as also block your account.

8) Are paid surveys a full-time income source?

It’s difficult to earn a full-time income with paid online surveys but it’s definitely a great side income source.

9) Is it legal to take part in paid survey programs?

Yes, it is 100% legal to participate in top-rated paid online survey programs as long as you remain within the guidelines of the programs you’ve signed up for.

10) Set Up Email Notifications for Survey Sites?

Yes, I’ve already told you that you need to create a separate email for surveys. But also, don’t forget to set up email notifications on your smartphone. Survey opportunities are sent via e-mail to all the registered online users who match their criteria.

11) How can I sign up for a paid survey program?

Visit the website of the survey company, read their specifications, and sign-up for an account if you agree with their terms & conditions.

12) How do I get paid for filling online surveys?

Different survey companies support different payment methods. Some pay-out using credit points, some offer coupons and voucher gift cards, while some pay cash via PayPal and checks.


Cinchbucks is a top rated and best GPT (get paid to) website, trusted by over 1.5 million users worldwide. Which is a trusted leader in collecting the opinions of consumers throughout the world. You can sign up free on this site no matter where in the world you are living, but the survey amounts and rewards of offers differ from country to country. It offers you free cash and various e-gift cards, and other rewards for the things you already do online every day. You can earn CB’s points when you complete paid surveys, taking online offers, inviting friends (refer & earn), and get promo codes (also called Cinchcodes). After collecting a number of CB’s (points), you can redeem them with PayPal, Visa and Mastercard, and a wide range of gift cards from your favourite retailers like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Walmart and many others. Cinchbucks offers a 20% lifetime referral program.


PrizeRebel is a GPT (get paid to) site with a significant of various ways to earn money online. You can sign up for no matter where in the world your home is, but the quantities of online surveys offer changes from country to country. The Country Presence in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and many more. You can make money by doing research, taking online offers, welcoming friends, get paid to play games, get a daily challenge bonus, take part in free contests and get promo rules with free points from time to time. You can get paid through PayPal or select from several e-gift cards, and the pay-out control is very fast. Signing up to Prize Rebel is totally free and very simple it takes a few minutes.


Swagbucks is one of the largest GPT (get paid to) websites in the community and has more than 20 million users. Swagbucks is a method of the market research community. Swagbucks will show you the way to earn cash or gifts card for the activities you are already doing online. Swagbucks has really good opportunities here. You are able to for example receive a commission to watch videos, playing games, taking online offers, get cash back for shopping online, and get a regular activity bonus. You may get paid through PayPal, Wire transfer, or choose from a large variety of gift cards (including Amazon, Walmart, eBay).


Cinchdollars is online data research and analysis reputed websites and its imaginative and prescient vision is to help to make the voice of the consumer heard by large businesses on a variety of exciting content. Cinchdollars is a legitimate and trustworthy leader in voicing the opinions of consumers globally. This is an online survey site, which based in Eleven International countries. Cinchdollars is different from other survey sites because its polls and online surveys are usually targeted at modern-day concerns or engaging ideas. It offers you cash and various e-gift cards for the things you already do online daily. You can make reward points when you take surveys, watch online videos, taking online offers, inviting friends and others anyone (refer & earn), and get bonusrewards. After collecting certain points, you can redeem them with PayPal, and a variety of e-gift cards.


ClixSense is largely an online survey website. It is attainable worldwide and gives good options to make money in most of the world. ClixSense is an online survey site that promises to pay you for honest opinions after finishing surveys online, offers, and watch videos online, and simple tasks. It is fairly simple and easy to use the Clixsense panel, Available for high-paying survey tasks. Clixsense offers an attractive user interface with a number of online survey options available. Clixsense provides an extensive catalogue of gift cards and products choices. Some of the gift card options include Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay cards.


Toluna is the best paid online survey site which offers you a lot of surveys. The world’s leading corporations of services what you think as well as earn money online by participating in surveys. You can also share your thoughts and feedback via polls and opinions you create directly on Toluna. You can easily make money, free products and services, gift cards, merchandise, and so much more. Toluna Pay-out is quick through PayPal, Wire transfer, from various gift cards, Prepaid virtual credit cards. The signup bonus is the week just $0.30. Availability in the USA, the UK, Canada, Russia, and Australia.


YouGov is a truly amazing online survey panel. It has special online paid survey panels for several nations around the world, and it also has a US market place analysis-panel. You can mainly make money by taking surveys. On the site, if you sign up free that you will be ready to start to view the results and notice in which mass media the results have been used. YouGov will always send email notifications to you when a fresh new survey gets to be available for you to answer. You can expect to get 5 to 7 new surveys per week, and it’s exceptionally uncommon that you won’t be qualified for the surveys suggested to you. YouGov enables users for a low cash out threshold of 1,000 points.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is different from almost all other online survey panels on this catalog. It is a reliable panel and one of the most well-known and largest customer research organizations. You will install an app/software on your system mobile/iPad, and this will provide the panel all information about your online use. Nielsen has a selected panel for the country’s presence in Australia, the US, UK & many nations, and it can be an excellent way to help shape the online world of the long term while making a reward for it. You can redeem them with cash and a wide range of e-gift cards from your favourite retailers like Amazon, and Walmart.

Branded Survey

Branded Surveys were earlier well-known as Mint Vine. Branded surveys offer you to Complete online paid surveys that take 10-30 minutes on average, friend and family referrals, get promo bonus, and other offers. You make between 50 to 200 reward points per referral from your friend and others. The minimum pay-out threshold is $10 i.e., 1,000 points inside your accounts. Branded Surveys consistently have lots of surveys available, making this a highly well-known site. You can redeem them with cash and a large variety of gift cards from your favourite retailers, quick paying. Their site looks healthy and updated.

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