Engaging Facebook Feed On Website Examples For Your Business

Chances are you are looking for the best ways to showcase your Facebook feed on your website. Which is why you are here on this page. Tag along to know more about it. 

Facebook is a goldmine for many business owners out there. With over 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains one of the top favorite social networking sites for many other reasons also. 

And as a result, business owners are vigorously active on the platform. Over the past few years, displaying Facebook feeds has become a strong marketing tool. Facebook feeds on websites are a great way to increase website engagement, and visibility, and improve the ranking. 

And if you are on the same page, we are here with some of the best Facebook feed examples that you will need while embedding your Facebook feed on website

Come with us to unravel the secret of Facebook feed examples. 

Vibrant Facebook Feed On Website Example For Your Website

Since many brands and businesses find Facebook useful, it is a great way to establish a bridge between the customers and your business. Your only job is to lay your hands on social media aggregator tools that enable you to showcase different facebook feed examples on the website. What is even more interesting is the real time update feature of these tools. These help upu showcase alk the content without wasting a minute and keepoing your website engaging enough. 

Have a look at the variation of Facebook feed examples you can display on website. 

Facebook Feed Of Photos 

According to this study done by Fast Company, photos get 39% more engagement than other types of Facebook statuses. This explains that people are inclined towards watching photos on Facebook rather than other forms of content. And your target audience will be even more inclined if your show these facebook photos on website. 

The best part is that it can add another layer of entertainment to your website, without much effort.  

Facebook Album 

A Facebook album is a collection of photos, and videos you have posted during a special occasion like the anniversary of your store launch or a particular product launch. And keeping this variation in mind, you can embed Facebook album feed on your website. This will help you highlight a specific marketing campaign that you want to draw the attention of the target audience. 

You can leverage more advantages from the Facebook album by creating an album called “Happy Customers”. This is where you can feature all the happy talks your customers have done about your product and services. 

You can also embed Facebook albums where you showcase your milestones. Such a facebook album feed on a website helps you have a genuine connection with your customers and they see your business as having a human touch. 

Facebook Feed Of Videos

As per the reports by Oberlo, nearly 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from the brands. And more than that, experts have ruled out that there are higher chances of your customers skipping the reading part of the content. 

So it is safe to say that, with the increasing demand for videos, it is a great decision to add Facebook videos on website. It is an amazing way to boost the engagement on your website. 

Facebook Reviews 

With e-commerce rising on Facebook, the place has become a shrine for people who are looking for product and service recommendations. This is why Facebook recommendations are here. Facebook reviews  was formerly known as Facebook recommendations. 

And Facebook holds 19% of all customer reviews, making it a large part to invest in. So, as a business owner, you can also ask your target audience to leave a review on Facebook. And later you can easily showcase your Facebook reviews on websites. 

Page Mentions 

Social media mentions are the most unadulterated form of content. Page mentions are the referral you get every time your audience mentions you by tagging on the platform. 

These mention pages help you gain visibility and engagement. Apart from that they also enable the business owners to have an honest interaction with their customers. And, thankfully, most of the social media aggregator tools help you showcase the Facebook page mentions. 

So how about bringing all these perks to your website?  these page mentions will help you gain a reputable image of your target audience. 

In A Nutshell 

With so many ongoing marketing tactics, Showcasing a variation of Facebook feed examples are the only thing you need to stand out in the crowd. Remember that, your target audience is interested in learning more about your business on Facebook. So what is stopping you from it? 

Go ahead showcase different Facebook feed examples on website.

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