Top ten treks in INDIA


At an elevation of 1343 metres above sea level, Kodachadri Peak, located 394 kilometres from Bangalore, is home to lush green woodlands and numerous magnificent cascades. It is Karnataka’s 10th highest point, and the state’s public body has designated it as a heritage landmark. It serves as a foundation for Kollur’s well-known Mookambika Temple.

This walk will take you through dense forest, beautiful scenery, and stunning falls, as well as a brief glimpse of the Arabian Sea and a challenging path. A multi-day trip is the best way to study this pinnacle.


The finest combination to request on the Dhauladhar peaks is to be outside under the skies with a warming burst. The view from Triund is worth seeing late at night. This one-day trip is known as Little Lhasa since it includes a large number of Tibetan people. If you’re a lone traveller, it’s unique among India’s moving destinations in that you can get here without a lot of perspiration pouring down your face.


A captivating stroll from Kasol to Malana Village will take you along the few meandering paths available. The 4-kilometre walk to Malana will take you close to 6 days if you cut through the heart of the mountains. Instead of the languor of walking, you will relish the misty mornings and chilly mountain air that keeps rejuvenating you.


Kheerganga is a standout among other holiday locations since it appears to be paving the route to heaven. When you keep pressing forward, you will forget to take track of the time. Finally, you will have the option of completing this 12-kilometre hike in 5 to 6 hours or a full day. It appears to be enthralled by Kheerganga’s entire splendour.


This 5-day trip to Kedarkantha is a spectacular adventure that takes you to an elevation of 12,500 feet. For those hoping to see the Himalayan mountain ranges, this trip is a bit challenging. Kedarkantha Trek is a popular standard destination for eager travellers. On this trip, you’ll travel through forests, knolls, and snowfields, sleeping in tented tents in amazing locations with days off from work. Apart from the Kedarkantha climax, Juda Ka Taal, a captivating lake flanked on one side by lush woodlands and meadows on the other, is a highlight of this journey.


The Nagtibba trek is possibly the most ideal choice surrounding Mussoorie for adventure seekers looking for a taste of a Himalayan day off. This modest 3-day snow trip to Nagtibba will take you up to 3000 feet in only a few hours, but the amount of snow will make you feel like you’re in a caravan! If the skies are clear, you’ll be able to see Bandarpooch and Kedarnath Peak, but even if they aren’t, you’ll have time to play and enjoy the snow.


The most elevated pinnacle of the Sahyadri mountain range is Kalasubai in the Nagar locality. Kalsubai peak, the Everest of the Sahyadris, is every nervous explorer’s desire to climb it at least once. Furthermore, it is perhaps the finest location for a rainstorm venture, being only 155 kilometres from Mumbai and 176 kilometres from Pune. This hike should be able to be completed in a single day.


Because of the mixed woods, green glades, and viewpoints on steep Himalayan pinnacles cleansed with a day off, this winter journey to Har Ki Dun passes through the Govind Wildlife then on to Osla, passing by cascades, streams, and creeks along the way. The plan gives you plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery and take a break in the middle of the journey.


Of all the Himalayan treks in India, the Chadar trip provides the best trekking experience. Walking around the icy Zanskar River, one of the most notable purposes of the daredevils’ trekking list, puts your health to the test. The expedition begins when the Zanskar river freezes over, and the best time to go is February. Starting in Chilling, you will have the opportunity to meet local people who live near the camps and learn about their challenging lifestyle and business. This is possibly the most horrifying location on the planet. It will most likely be the best insight of your life if you accomplish this excursion by engaging against the dangerous scene and horrifying atmospheric conditions.


The Kuari Pass trip is a must-do for travellers who want to see the magnificent Himalayas. The Kauri summit, at 13,990 feet, is fundamentally suited for beginners. Trails passing through old oak and rhododendron woods scatter and then advance thickly as you pass, creating a variety of delightful areas and an unforgettable experience.

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