Unveiling the Future: Experience UI/UX Design Enhanced with AI at EDIT Institute Pune!

Established in 1990, the EDIT Institute in Pune stands as a venerable institution with three decades of excellence in pioneering IT training. It held the distinction of being among the earliest to introduce computer training courses in the nation during the burgeoning era of the 90s. Presently, it proudly offers the distinguished UI/UX Design Course in Pune.

Marking a watershed moment in late 2023, EDIT unveiled an unprecedented UI/UX Design Course with AI Modules, a groundbreaking initiative blending the ethos of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design with the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Amidst a recent slowdown in the IT industry, professionals seek an edge beyond conventional courses. The infusion of AI modules within the UI/UX curriculum equips them with a competitive advantage, fostering job readiness.

In the past three years alone, over 750 esteemed companies spanning e-commerce, finance, healthcare, design, and multinational corporations have recruited EDIT students. The institute’s industry-aligned course structure, comprehensive portfolio development, and simulated interview environments have expedited placements, often securing positions even before course completion.

With a resounding reputation in the IT domain over three decades, EDIT Institute garners favour among recruiters. The institute’s long standing recognition proves instrumental during recruitment processes, as HR personnel prefer candidates from reputable and recognized educational institutions.

The UI/UX Design Course featuring AI Modules is available in both weekday and weekend batches through live interactive classrooms. This comprehensive program encompasses quizzes, portfolio curation guidance, interview readiness, and robust placement assistance.

Throughout its journey, EDIT Institute has emerged as the premier hub for UI/UX Design courses in Pune, boasting multiple centres across PCMC, Baner, Bhandarkar Road, MG Road, and Viman Nagar.

Key Learning Highlights at EDIT Institute Encompass:

  • Structured, Interactive Learning: Live sessions foster engagement, teacher-student interaction, regular assignments, and feedback mechanisms, ensuring a dynamic learning experience accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Learning Management Platform: Augmenting live sessions, a wealth of videos and self-study materials enrich the learning journey.
  • Expert Educators: Seasoned mentors with over 12 years of industry expertise actively engage with evolving industry practices, technologies, and trends, ensuring students receive the most current education.
  • Industry-Oriented Curriculum: Continuously evolving to reflect industry shifts and technological advancements, supplemented by regular industry sessions.
  • Complimentary AI Course: Offering hands-on AI tools learning with real UI/UX projects and collaborative research opportunities with Data Science teams, utilising tools such as Midjourney, Chat GPT, UI Wizard, Framer, and FIGMA AI plugins.
  • Portfolio Development: Guided assignments aid students in constructing comprehensive portfolios, showcasing their design proficiency and essential for securing coveted placements.
  • Placement Assistance: Comprehensive soft skills training, interview preparation, and multiple interview opportunities are facilitated, drawing upon an extensive network of leading companies.
  • Stellar Placement Record: The culmination of these efforts is evident in the institute’s track record, having placed numerous students in esteemed organisations like TCS, Wipro, Jio, Accenture, and Pepperfry, often surpassing industry-average salary packages.

Be it aspiring UI/UX design experts or burgeoning graphic design enthusiasts, EDIT Institute offers a top-tier education, emphasising practical learning and holistic career preparation.

For inquiries and to embark on your design journey, contact EDIT Institute Pune at 08433935124. Begin your transformative journey with the EDIT Institute and convert your passion into a prosperous career!

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