Why Russia Is Best Destination to Study for an MBBS Degree?

Russia is considered one of the most beautiful places for traveling and for studying. It is a one-stop destination for all the students who want to pursue an MBBS degree in abroad. The educational system of the Russian Federation has been developed enough to provide quality education to international students at a very low cost. For this, all the Russian universities get funds from the government to provide quality education to all the international students. Well, there is one fact about Russian universities that you won’t believe.

The fact is that the top 30 medical universities of Russia there are on the top list of 100 medical universities in the world. Well, if you have decided to study MBBS and Russia, then Kazan Federal University is a great option to study for an MBBS degree there. Now, below are some points to tell you that why you should study MBBS in Russia from Kazan Federal University.

Why Study MBBS at Kazan Federal University?

  1. There is a low ratio of students and teachers in the classroom, so there is enough for a comfortable space provided for both students and teachers.
  2. The workshops there are extremely upgraded with all the latest facilities and technological equipment to provide good quality education to all students there.
  3. The University is approved by the best medical organizations in the world, which makes this university an ideal place to study.
  4. Indian students do not have to qualify for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or any other English proficiency test for admission.
  5. Studying for an MBBS degree is the most popular course which is offered by Kazan Federal University for Indian students.
  6. The language medium is English so that students do not have to worry about learning an additional language.
  7. The duration of the course is for 6 years with an additional year for internship in Russian hospitals there.
  8. The tuition fees are also so affordable there that you do not have to worry about anything.
  9. The college also provides furnished accommodation and a better life on campus for all students from abroad.

The above points will help you to know that why you should choose to study for an MBBS degree in Russia.

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