4 Best Social Media Aggregator Sites For Website

With the consistent expansion of social media networking platforms across the digital universe, it has become easier for startups and businesses to promote and market their services and merchandise and construct a professional network.

The different social media profiles allow for enhanced engagement, productivity and satisfactory user experience. Although there is no doubt in the power and reach of social media, it is likely that people are to get overwhelmed with the constant flow of diverse information, content creation and posting. This is when a social media aggregator tool comes in handy.

Similar in need to get social media post design company, social media aggregation instruments are also high in demand for the better streamlining of posts and other updates. These tools help to gather content from diverse social media forums into one place. It curates the content to display it to people engaging with the online world. With all the content in a single platform, it becomes easier to engage with the audience interacting with your content. This not only encourages makes the users happy, but also creates a generous appreciation of community.

Social network aggregation sites collect the best content from various social media application sources and summarize the same to present them at one place. The aim of such aggregator sites was to provide valuable and reliable information on multiple themes and topic in a hassle-free manner as well as custom posts and announcements.

In this article, we shall take a quick glance at 4 of the best and most reliable social media aggregation sites that are packed with features designed to enrich your business platform.


Taggbox is a widely used media aggregator instrument. It is adorned with quality features and a high level of functionality. The Taggbox interface offers an easy and smooth social media integration experience. It incorporates the following aspects:

  • Custom personalized backgrounds, theme, fonts, layouts, etc.
  • Create social walls for display in events.
  • Filter unnecessary content posts.
  • Single-code process of integration.
  • Works across a number of different platforms including Slack, YouTube, Twitter, Airbnb, and other social media portals.
  • Interactive designs that can be displayed over any device.
  • User insights, performance analytics and much more.

If you have to choose a aggregation tool, Taggbox is a prime choice that guarantees to provide quality results.


Curator is a very popular and solid aggregation tool available in the market with a clear and easy interface. It is cost-effective and supports platforms like Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, Flikr, Instagram and other social media sites. Each post is approved manually or automatically, as per convenience, and they get published straight on the website. Why not look here for creative instagram post designer.

Curator offers some really striking features including:

  • No difficult learning process involved.
  • Customizable for each cause.
  • SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly.
  • Prompt and reliable customer support service.
  • Smooth interface with attractive design choices.

Curator is a wise choice for brands looking for need Social Media Post Design Company and aggregator sites.


Hootsuite does not really summarize content from various sources into one place. Instead, it brings together all the social media platforms under one user interface for seamless planning, scheduling and management. It offers the following characteristics:

  • Strategize and schedule posts across different social media channels.
  • Provide performance analytics.
  • Publish updates and monitor progress results.
  • Check user reviews from multiple platforms.
  • Increase number of clients.

Although Hootsuite does not allow for the creation of social walls, it is a highly effective social media management tool for easy and strategic marketing.


Brands use Netvibes as a personalized content curating hub. It helps businesses with constant updating and customizing facilities. Contents can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere on the dashboard. Netvibes offers the following:

  • Convenient management of social media accounts.
  • Tracking real-time posts, news and updates.
  • Better audience engagement.
  • Improved connectivity with potential leads, brands, audience and co-workers.
  • Easy to use design and publishing tools.

These are only few of the powerful features of the Netvibes enterprise.


Along with need Social Media Post Design Company, businesses must definitely opt for a social media aggregation tool that offers improved, networking, marketing, audience engagement and customization options.

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