8 best Travel Tips for traveling to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is considered a jewel of India because of its north-based location along with the natural beauty the makes it special. India is generally a hot country and Himachal being a cold region makes it a great place for a vacation especially during the summers.

Full of snowcapped mountains, forests, sparkling rivers, and beautiful green valleys, Himachal Pradesh is a perfect tourist destination. Activities such as trekking, paragliding, river rafting, snowboarding, skiing, and meditation are only some of the things that tourists can enjoy.

Himachal Pradesh is among the favorite destinations for honeymooners who usually book an official Himachal honeymoon package from their travel agent. Himachal is full of possibilities to experience nature, adventure, and solitude. It is among the favorite vacation destination for people traveling from the cities based in Northern India.

It is quite normal to see people from the major cities travel to destinations such as Manali, Shimla, and Dharamshala every single year. If you are making a Himachal Pradesh travel plan there are several things to consider before packing your bags. For first time travelers to Himachal Pradesh, there are some things to keep in mind to help you have a great vacation.

So without further ado, here are some of the best travel tips for Himachal Pradesh.

Pack your ID and necessary documents

It is not just about traveling to Himachal Pradesh, you must carry your documents if you travel away from home to another state or country. Some of the important documents that you should carry are:

– Photo ID proof

– Passport and Visa (if traveling from abroad)

– Tour Confirmation Voucher (if booked any official tour package)

– Permits (if traveling to the forest areas or designated zones which require permission)

Carrying these documents will ensure that you are not facing any hassle during your vacation. If these documents are needed and you are not prepared, then it might add stress to your stress-free vacation. Keeping a digital copy of your documents is the least you can do in case the need arises.

You must carry the tour company’s itinerary and other related papers for any Himachal tour packages that you booked. Keeping a printed-out copy of your itinerary can keep you informed about your next destination or tourist activity. Knowing about your next destination and activity can help you mentally prepare yourself in advance.

Check the weather and prepare accordingly

If you have already made your Himachal Pradesh trip plan, then it is good to check the weather conditions for the destination you are planning to reach. Himachal has a diversity of climate when it comes to choosing different destinations within Himachal Pradesh.

The areas such as Kangra, Sirmaur, Una, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, and Solan are generally warm during summers and during the winters the temperatures rarely drop to the freezing point. However, if you have booked a Himachal trip package to districts such as Shimla, Manali, Chamba, Lahaul, and Spiti, then you might get excessive winters.

Checking the temperatures and weather conditions in advance can help you prepare the right clothing for the season. Also, it is quite common for flights to get delayed or canceled because of the weather. Be mentally prepared for such issues.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the weather in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh changes very frequently. There might be some moments in the places such as Manali, Kullu and Chamba where the temperatures drop suddenly. So carrying a light jacket can save you from going back to your hotel room.

Also, be mindful of the weather conditions that can create landslides or any situation where the roads get blocked. If you are traveling to Himachal by your car then checking the news and weather should be considered.

Most tourists traveling from the cities of Punjab usually come to Himachal to witness the snowfall. For these travelers, it is recommended to check the weather conditions along with the road conditions as well. Be mindful that the roads are usually slippery during the snowfall.

Having this information before you travel can help you avoid dangerous routes and can help you stay safe.

Traveling by road can be bumpy and nauseating

If you are backpacking or using public transport such as HRTC buses to reach places like Chamba, then riding the bus around various turns in the mountains can cause Nausea. Almost all passengers vomit multiple times during their journey.

Make sure you take a nausea prevention medication before going on such long journeys on buses. Also, the roads in many areas are not well-built so the passengers and go through a long continuous bumpy ride. Having the information regarding the road conditions or at least about the transportation routes to your destination will help you mentally prepare yourself for the ride.

Shop from government authorized stores

Shopping is one activity that is among one of the most popular things travelers do when they visit Himachal Pradesh. If you want to plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh, then make sure to be authentic souvenirs from government authorized shops.

You might find many sellers, telling you about some piece of fabric or handicraft and claiming it as authentic. However, if wish to purchase something authentic make sure you buy from the authorized and registered shops which are government emporiums. Buying from registered sellers can ensure the quality of the product that you wish to take back home.

Many small communities and organizations have done a great job in coming together to promote the arts and crafts of Himachal Pradesh. You will find many great pieces of art, fabrics, and handicrafts that are intricately designed and built. These souvenirs are something beautiful to hold on to.

If you wish to buy such items then you should buy them from authorized sellers for quality products. Other than that, for regular items, you can find plenty of small shops selling all the essentials.

Research about your accommodation

Finding a perfect hotel, homestay or room requires a little bit of effort. One of the best travel tips for Himachal Pradesh you can consider is making sure that your accommodation is as per your expectation. Due to online booking and the availability of travel-related websites, there are so many online resources where you can book your room in Himachal Pradesh.

Booking your accommodation is the most basic thing included in a Himachal Pradesh trip plan. So, doing good research can make a huge difference to the quality of your vacation. You can find yourself being in a clean place with all amenities along with good transport connectivity if you research enough.

So, before packing your bags it is wise to go through the customer reviews of the hotels and check the rating of the place you are planning to stay in. Hotels and motels have lots of reviews because of their online marketing. However, for homestays, you might not find an online rating system.

In the case of the homestays, it is pretty much a gamble. But, you might find them on social media pages which might help you decide. Other than that, you can find a friend who has been there before to tell you all about it. It is quite an experience to stay in a homestay with a homecooked meal being offered to you. This can also help you understand the local culture of the Himachali people.

Emergency Contact

One of the most important travel tips for Himachal Pradesh is about making sure that you have informed your loved ones about your journey. And you need to carry all your emergency contact numbers with you. These contact numbers should not only be on your phone but also written down somewhere.

These emergency contact numbers include the following categories.

  • Friends & Family
  • Police
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Ambulance
  • Immigration
  • District Control Room

Keeping this information becomes more important if you are trekking and camping in the forest areas. Also, it is very important to register your name before trekking to distant locations. It is one of the most crucial parts of a Himachal Pradesh travel plan.

Medical Supplies

As you plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh, do understand that there might be a possibility of injury or infection on your trip. Keeping a box with essential medications and supplies can help you stay healthy on your vacation.

Being prepared for extreme weather and trekking injuries etc. is a wise thing to do. Along with the essential medical supplies, it is also important to take care of your health as you travel. Taking care of what you eat, drinking enough water, and taking precautions is a great way to stay safe and healthy on your vacation.

Be Mindful of the Local culture

If you plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh, do understand that most destinations in Himachal are located in and around the village communities. It is important to understand that being courteous and friendly can greatly improve your understanding of the local culture.

For foreign tourists, it is important to understand that wearing less clothing is generally frowned upon. Most people in the villages are very simple people who are still living according to the traditional lifestyle.

One of the best travel tips for Himachal Pradesh is not to be rude or arrogant to the local people. It is important to be sensitive to the local customs and lifestyle. This can help you built trust with the communities and built friendships.


If you plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh makes sure to prepare yourself for a unique experience. For first time travelers to Himachal Pradesh, the experience of the natural beauty of hills and forests will make you come back.

If you are traveling by choosing some Himachal trip package or one of the Himachal honeymoon packages, you might be given guidance on how to prepare yourself. Usually, the tour operators and travel agencies offering Himachal tour packages provide you with all the important information that will help you in your journey.

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