9 Tips For A Cyber Secure Home Experience

In this epidemic, every human is working from home, and everyone is doing at home to do their office work. In such a situation, it is essential to take full care of our cybersecurity; if we do not do this, then maybe someone can harass us under cybercrime.

With these five personal cybersecurity tips, we have tried to give all of your cybersecurity information, using which you can take care of your cybersecurity. To learn more about this technology and its use to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, systems, and other networks to protect your valuable assets, sign up for industry-recognized top IT security courses.

This has dramatically increased cybercrimes and cyber crimes as many people are engaged in working from their homes, as no one can venture out. Search engines are expanding the search volume of people from where cybercriminals ambush and collect data. The first step in securing yourself would be getting yourself a reserved IP address, as routerlogin suggests, after which you can start taking up additional safety measures. 

Here are 8 ways to completely wall yourself off from dangers: 

Do Not Open External Links

Even when it was not an epidemic, we have all been victims of cyberbullying many times. This is also because while visiting website apps or pages, we get unwanted and unknown links and open them without thinking and inadvertently. 

These can come in the form of clickable ads in sites that we visit, advertisement notifications that pop up on our browsers or desktop, text messages on our phones, or spam or promotional emails. It takes only one accidental click on them to invite a hoard of troubles within the device. 

They usually redirect the system to sites that provide an easy entry for hackers, viruses, or data-stealing softwares. The content shown by them might not even seem suspicious, but can mine personal data quite comfortably.

So we should keep in mind that we should avoid opening any such unknown links and the most important thing should not share it.

Check Router’s Settings

The first thing to keep in mind is that we have to keep changing the wifi settings so that no one can hack it and use it. We know that to do so at this time, working from home means all your Internet traffic passes through your home router. 

And we should always be able to change his password and username, so no one can easily control our network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The VPN is known for hiding the IP address and location of users, but there are other ways to improve our security. Along with this, we will hide our IP address and location. Users of VPNs also have their data hidden, thanks to some encryption systems.

Do Not Scan Personal Networks With Unwanted Devices

This essentially means that unwanted devices shouldn’t be signed into the house’s wifi or through your phone’s data hotspot. These networks should always be encrypted with passwords so that we do not scan private networks with unknown devices. 

If we do not take such precautions, then unknown persons are bound to misuse the personal data being shared through the various devices connected to the network. 

Two Factor Authentication

The problem of not being able to access even after entering our real id and password, we cannot open it, and we also get a security message in which another person uses our id. We get upset like this, and we don’t understand what to do. So in such a situation, we should use two-factor authentication, in which we can secure our id by double verification.

Two-factor authentication means to secure your account beyond using just a user id and a password. It is an extra layer of protection. These can range from anything- from a fingerprint, eye scan, etc. to a set of personal questions, the answers to which are only known by the user.

Using Strong Passwords

A study conducted in the United States of America reveals that 83% of the population uses weak passwords that are easy to guess and hack simultaneously. More than half the population uses the same passwords to access all of their social accounts, making them more prone to getting hacked. Using a secure password, such as a phrase, simple combinations between things and symbols that you are familiar with, can help put a layer of security on your network. 

Use A Firewall

To make sure no third-party site or application is being downloaded without your permission. It also helps in blocking the fishing sites to a great extent. Those who don’t know about phishing sites, these are small links that are displayed as some ads on your screen when surfing your browser, often trying to lure you into clicking on them or visiting them. 

These sites hide in plain sight but are still easy to distinguish, so stay focused on what you’re doing. When these ads or links are clicked, they either redirect you to another site or install a file or an application on your device, making the hackers access your network. 

Modern firewall systems also tell or warn you when someone is trying to get into your system and what possible changes you can make to make your network more secure, adding a dense security layer. 


Even if your data ends up being lost or stolen entirely, you can always ensure that you are left with nothing in your hands through backing up your data. 

Back up your data regularly on a hard disc or a trusted cloud software to not lose any of your information if some cyber attack occurs. Help yourself start from where you left and make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Update Your Devices Regularly

Updates bring new security features every time they come. Suppose the person hacking your software is smart. In that case, people who create softwares are more intelligent, working tirelessly to ensure their databases and systems and their trusted customers are not prone to any danger from any outsider. Enable automatic software updates.

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