A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Book Cover Design

Do you know what is the first thing in the book that grabs a reader’s attention? A visually appealing designed book cover. A picture is worth a thousand words! And same goes for book cover design. A custom book cover is created to convey several messages through one picture. Authors can use abstracts and photographs to give the essence of the story to the readers.

Sometimes, authors don’t focus on the book cover design and then fail to connect with the audience, with a loss in sales as well. So, to engage your audience and make your book stand out in bookstores, you need to create a well-designed book cover with beautiful graphics and information about the book because it can create a good impression on the people and work as a marketing tool to gain recognition.

You can design a book cover yourself orhire an experienced book cover designer to highlight the tone of your book. If you want to know about creating a book cover design, we are here to guide you!

Create an Attractive Book Cover!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This phrase is well-known to all of us. But do you know that, in reality, people actually judge a book by its cover?This means that if your book cover is boring, people will not give it a second look. So, in order to gain the attention of the readers, you can create an attractive book cover by adding the following elements:

Give the Reader a Hint!

Your design should give the reader a hint of what they can expect from the book without giving spoilers. The front page and back page have great significance in this case. Give a sneak peek at the preview and highlight the information to make the reader aware of a story he will invest time in.

Tell Readers About the Genre of the Book!

The interests of every human differ.Some people like a variety of books, and some people just read some specific genres.Therefore, you should define the genre of the book in the book cover design in order to make it easy for the reader to invest inthe book.

Introduce Your Main Character to the Readers!

Introducing your main character on the cover would be best to connect with the reader and attract them to the story. You can use your main character as a marketing tool to engage the readers’ attention so that they can build a relationship with the character. If you succeed in fascinating the reader with the main character shown on the book cover, you are ahead of the game!

Use The Right Tone On the Book Cover!        

You should take care of the right tone while designing a book cover. If your book is humorous, you should not use dark and bold imagery on your cover. But if your book genre is a comedy,you can create cartoon illustrations on the cover to clarify it.

Choose The Right Graphics and Fonts!

Book covers can have great graphics and font styles, as designers can create engaging cover pages with their creative minds. However, to make it simple, book covers should have an illustration, picture, and abstract design to engage the readers.

Front Cover of the Book

The front cover of the book is the visual representation of your book. Therefore, it should be attractive and contain essential elements such as a written title and the author’s name. There are mainly two main parts of a book cover: typography and imagery.


The imagery of your book cover can contain several things, such as a photograph, different colors, animations, or geometrical shapes. You should create imagery keeping in mind the genre of your book. However, you should also make sure that your book’s imagery doesn’t overpower your book’s typography and is balanced on every corner of your book cover.


The typography of a book cover mainly contains the title, a subtitle, and the author’s name. Make sure that the title is the first thing a reader should notice in your book. So, you can place it on the top, in the middle, or at the bottom, but make it larger than the subtitle and author’s name to bring the reader’s attention.

Back Cover of the Book

The book’s back cover is as important as the front cover and is considered an essential component of the book marketing strategy. You can engage your reader with the back cover as you have built a relationshipwith your sparkling front cover. You can include a blurb, book reviews, author bio, barcodes, and ISBN. You can add a brief description of your book or the reviews of the book, as it will enable the readers to dive into your manuscript and inspire people to make a purchase.


Attracting the readers to your book isn’t an easy task. But, you can use custom book cover designs to engage the readers and make them aware of your book story. You can give the reader a hint of your story in the preview and introduce your main character to the audience so they can connect with the story. The right tone and graphics are also essential to the book cover design. The front and back pages will also increase your book’s visibility.

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