12 Budget Friendly Ideas To Renovate Your Home

Home renovation is a subject that has always garnered curiosity from a varied set of people looking to infuse a streak of uniqueness in the  interior landscape of their homes. Contrary to home decoration, renovating your house doesn’t come without eating away a major chunk of your time and energy as you have to repeatedly rethink your decisions while making changes in your existing home set up or renovate your home, though in states like Utah house plans can go a long way to easing the burden. The present pandemic inflicted time has once again triggered a need to redo our homes to support work from home culture. When nearly everyone in the family is forced to spend time indoors, due to lockdowns or distancing norms, all we need is a private space away from the daily stresses of a regular home life. If you’re thinking of giving a makeover to your home, here’s a rundown on some helpful ideas to transform your home into a dream living space or to renovate your home that adheres to your work schedule. With vivint smart home, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the latest home security camera technology.

Add a splash of healing hues

The colors you surround contribute greatly to your overall well being and also influence your mood. Plan to paint your walls depending on the utility of the space. Splashing your living room in natural tones like greens, blues and grays helps to infuse positivity in your days. Opt for lighter shades of the color you choose for greater illumination. The kitchen is one area where you can experiment with the brighter colors like yellow, orange, lime green and reds. Smaller spaces need lighter tones to create an illusion of a large space. Patterned walls and asymmetrical prints work best in larger rooms. Rooms with a lot of furniture installation and wall shelves are best kept white or neutral.

Focus on making spaces work-efficient

Rather than spending money on a predetermined size of shelves, furniture and other accessories you wish to replace with your existing items, pay more attention on arranging in a way that promotes your efficiency while doing cleaning and cooking chores. Opt for easy-to-move furniture that doesn’t occupy a lot of space. To bring in more inspiration to your work day, position your work desk near a large window that lets you take in the views of the abounding nature outside. Instead of jamming your kitchen with unnecessary items that are tough to be installed or operate, keep only those you would need on a daily basis especially if your kitchen is small. Place the electric appliances outside to create more working space for you. For large kitchens, the options are endless and  it’s best to have the table top at the centre to let you locate the ingredients and other essentials easily.

Opt for bead board ceilings

Most people often neglect ceilings while remodelling their interior spaces and pay more attention to walls and furniture installations. Breadboard ceilings are recently being seen as a one stop solution to completely transform any dull looking space into a warm and happening place. Installing bead board ceiling also covers any imperfections in your living room. For added illumination without any lighting source install bead board ceiling with minimalistic design that reflects light back into the room. Feature bead board ceilings with panels are great for larger rooms. There’s no dearth of design ideas while planning a bead board ceiling for your room. Go for traditional wood textured ceiling for a warm and classy feel.

Frame the ceilings with crown molding

Nothing completes the look of your room better than a perfectly done crown molding. It draws the attention towards the ceiling and also hides any symmetrical maladjustments in the room. You can pick from a wide variety of cornice designs

depending on the theme of your interior space. Curved moldings with intricate patterns infuse traditional vibes into your living room. For modern effect, opt for minimalistic molding patterns that infuse youthfulness to the existing theme of your living room.

Remodel the headboard

Being the only place where you can rest and rejuvenate yourself, a bedroom needs to incorporate all elements that make it look inviting and comforting. Redesigning the headboard instantly lifts up the ambience of your bedroom without any need of a major reshuffle. Dress the headboard in textured fabrics with healing design elements. Cushioned headboards do infuse coziness but overtime they tend to bore you out. Pick a headboard with foam lining to offer the same level of comfort. If you are unwilling to change the headboard, installing a colorful wall hanging in the main wall is the best way to bring positive vibes in your room.

Install a double dishwasher

Having a double dishwasher in your kitchen takes away a lot of load from your busy life. It makes working in the kitchen more convenient and trouble free. Many people may feel deterred in the beginning while installing the second dishwasher due to budget issues but when you know the time and space it saves while working in the kitchen, you won’t have to give it a second thought. The location of the dishwasher needs to be reconsidered to ensure it doesn’t come in the way of your cooking. Place the  groceries and ingredients away from the dishwasher for better access. It’s a must if you want your kitchen to stay organized  and that’s the reason double dishwashers are gaining popularity over all circles of people with an inclination towards cooking.

Switch to full storage beds

The storage needs of a family home are best addressed with full storage beds. These kind of beds are meant to offer a seamless solution for the storage needs of a large family. They are designed specifically to let the users locate their valuables easily. Opt for beds with multiple drawer cabinets to keep your room clutter free. The design options for storage beds are endless. Pay more attention to neatly done exteriors and cabinets. Investing in full size storage beds also allows you to focus  more on other design elements of your bedroom.

Paint the flooring

Flooring is the most  important component of interior designing that takes a lot of hard work to transform. An easy way to change the look of the flooring is painting it to lend an exquisite feel to the interior landscape. Being a little creative would help to bring a vibe of freshness with hues like turquoise, mint, ocean blue and greys. You can also experiment with patterned designs to upgrade the look of your plain looking floor tiles.

Install space saving shelves and furniture

To keep clutter to a minimum, invest in shelves that take much less space on the walls. While installing shelves, focus on a single wall as too many shelves on more than one wall disturb the ambience of the room. Coffee tables with drawers work best in organizing your living room. Reserve the shelves for books and souvenirs. Another idea is to install a circular wall shelf as the centerpiece for the main wall in the living room.

Light up the ceilings with skylights

Homes that feature simplistic and neutral design elements can take a new twist with creative skylights. While installing skylights always remember that less is more and add only one or two lights in a standard sized living room. Too much lighting

might end up sabotaging all your efforts in making your interiors look good. You need to master the art of doing it in the right manner to make skylights work for you. All aesthetic elements need to be considered before you take the plunge.

Get your house insulated

Home insulation is a perfect solution to reduce energy consumption and heating costs in winter months. It also creates a protected environment for the inhabitants as lower temperatures are proven to impact immunity and make you more prone to developing infections. The most common insulation material used is fiber glass and vermiculite but many people report skin irritation and respiratory problem due to these insulation methods used in their homes. To put an end to the risk that comes with fiber glass and asbestos based insulation, construction engineers have devised eco-friendly alternatives that do not pose any harm to your health. These include cellulose, denim shreds, sheep wool, polystyrene and thermacork. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each of these insulation materials and use a material that comes closest to your home needs.

Opt for brighter hued curtains

Curtains are one item in home furnishings that can single handedly repurpose the appearance of windows and rooms. With time the same kind of curtains your doors and windows wear sometimes start to look unappealing and make the space look dull and uninteresting. Throw a refreshing twist in your home with nature inspired prints that bring out the best traits of all the design elements in your house. Don’t go overboard while trying to give a particular look to the curtains as they tend to diminish the effect of other elements in your living room. Experiment with new colors and prints to add a bit of exclusivity in the said space.

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