Mainland vs. Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Mainland and Dubai Free Zone are two of the most popular options for business setup in Dubai. Are you wondering which jurisdiction will be best for your company? You aren’t alone! It’s one of the most common dilemmas that entrepreneurs have. So, let’s take a look at the differences between a Mainland Company and a Free Zone Establishment to see which area will fit your business needs.

The areas where the business is allowed is a big difference. Mainland Dubai companies can do business anywhere in the UAE and across the globe. However, Dubai Free Zone companies have to keep their business within the Free Zone or outside the country.

Control of business varies in these areas. Business setup in Dubai Free Zones company is controlled by private Free Zone entities that can change rules at any time. Dubai Mainland companies are controlled by legal government bodies that have legal contracts in place.

When it comes to the price to setup a business in these areas, it depends on your business activity. Typically, you can start a Mainland Dubai Business for AED25,999. However, it’s hard to predict the price for a Free Zone business setup, because the cost varies in each Free Zone.

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Business Setup in Dubai

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