What are the Most Popular Lawn Games of 2023?

Whether you are looking for a fun way to get some exercise with your family and friends, or planning a new outdoor event for the office, lawn games are going to be your best bet. There is no shortage of lawn games to choose from, especially if you have a large space available. But that does not mean you should choose at random either. You should choose your games based on factors such as how accessible they are for the people who will be playing them.

Other than that, the most important consideration out of them all is the entertainment factor. Will most people enjoy the lawn games you choose and how will you ensure that fact? Well, that is precisely why we have this small but fun list of lawn games that are most popular right now.


Sometimes known as bags or sack toss, cornhole is one of the most popular and fun lawn games you can play in this corner of the world. It’s likely that you are already familiar with the game of cornhole. All you will need are two sets of sacks/bags, two cornhole boards, and two – eight players to get started.The players are divided into two teams with a minimum of one and a maximum of four players per team, but as long as you have enough lawn space, sacks, and cornhole boards, you can simultaneously run multiple games.

The setup takes a lot less space than most other lawn games and multiple boards ensure that nobody needs to wait too long to get their chance. Get a few of those beautifullystained cornhole boardsin different patterns to keep each game clearly distinguished from the other. You can also get stained cornhole boards with personalized designs, patterns, initials, and messages online.

Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is also gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and you will find some similarities between ladder ball and cornhole. However, players will be throwinga bola instead of a bag or a sack. The players, the bolas and the two ladders will be divided in much the same way as you do in cornhole, but your goal will be different.Whereas the players will try to land their sacks on the board and slide them through the hole in cornhole, they will be throwing bolas in the hope of getting them hung on their respective ladders in ladder ball.

Each ladder will have three rungs, and players will receive points according to the rung they score with their respective bolas. The topmost rung will fetch you 3 points, the middle rung will get you 2, and the bottom rung is for 1 point.In case you don’t know what a bola is, it was originally a throwing weapon made from two balls attached with a piece of rope. In ladder ball, the bola is usually a couple of golf balls attached with a piece of string or thin rope.

American-Rules Croquet Games

It may have originated in England, and it might have terms like wicket in it, but croquet is neither exclusively popular in England, nor is it cricket. In fact, Americans take croquet seriously enough to have their own national team to compete at the World Croquet Championship.

Outside of the sport’s professional aspect, American Six-Wicket and Nine-Wicket are what most people in North America play as a lawn game. American-rules croquet has gained significant popularity in recent years and that in turn, has made way for the base game of croquet to evolve into several other closely related lawn games as well.

Out of all the new versions of croquet, Golf Croquet has emerged as the most enjoyable new version of the old mallet game. If you are trying to introduce the game of croquet to a bunch of new players, go with golf as it’s not just easier to understand the rules, but golf croquet is  also a lot more fun compared to all its predcessors. It’s amusing, fast, and highly competitive by design.

Outside of the few mentioned here, you will also have a lot more choice in lawn games that are less traditional, but still fun, nonetheless. That being said, there is a reason why games like cornhole and ladder ball are so popular even today. They are each a perfect mix of exercise, fun, and competition for all occasions. Some are more accessible than others, of course, but most of these can be played by almost anyone, making them highly versatile and fun.

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