Does Bariatric Surgery Work for Weight Loss?

According to world statistics of 2020, 80% of men and 72% of women tend to be suffering from obesity. It is a significant health hazard which not only makes movement difficult but also gives rise to certain diseases – diseases which can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Therefore, due to give obese people a new chance at life and bring them back to their fit and active selves, a special weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery has come to existence.

Wondering how it is done at a surgical center and if you are eligible for it? Then continue reading to enlighten yourself regarding this surgery as we dig into it further.

Are You an Eligible Candidate for this Surgery?

Weight loss surgeries may sound simple. Some people go on to think that all their stubborn fats are disposed from their bodies at a single shot, and the doctors do all the work while you sleep in peace at the clinic during the surgery. However, to bring you back to the reality, weight loss surgeries like bariatric surgery can only be done after you have tried all possible exercises and diets to cut off your excess calories but have failed to do so.

When rigorous workout regimes and strict calorie counts fail the test, only then this weight loss surgery comes into play as your last savior. Besides, there are several other factors as well via which you can understand whether or not you can go for this surgery. For instance, people with a very high body mass index (BMI), who are not being able to bring it down by any means, can be considered eligible for this surgery.

If you have a BMI of 30 and are suffering from type 2 diabetes and other severe health and lifestyle issues due to your excessive weight, then a bariatric surgery can help you attain a healthier and active life.

The Need for Bariatric Surgery

As we all know by now, this surgery is only applicable for the people who have tried every way possible to incinerate their extra body fats and get rid of the tag of obesity but have failed to do so. But being fat for many people may not seem to be a problem, especially if they have a strong notion of self-love in them. Simply put, your appearance may not matter to you and should also not matter to the rest of the world, as we are all learning to accept outer flaws and focus on the inner beauty of people.

However, obesity is not something you get away with that easily since it gives birth to several other health problems that might affect your wellbeing in the future. Excessive weight may make moving around more difficult. It may put an extra pressure on your joints (mainly knees), resulting in joint aches. It may also go on to damage your joint bones, leading to further deterioration of it.

Side by side, it is a no-brainer how obesity is directly connected to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels in the human body. While high blood pressure keeps you at a risk of getting heart attacks, significant development of bad LDL cholesterol in the body may lead to coronary heart disease, both of which are fatal conditions.

Therefore, to shield yourself from all the risks brought to you by obesity, getting a weight loss surgery becomes crucial for you.

Will it Really Transform Me?

Bariatric surgery has become quite common nowadays and works perfectly to transform you into a healthier, better, and fitter version of yourself if done by professionals. Let alone this particular weight loss surgery, but before undergoing any surgeries, you must make sure that an experienced surgeon handles your case with a successful surgery history. 

There are certain steps for you to take pre and post the surgery. Following them with full dedication and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the surgery by cutting down on all of your unhealthy food habits and laziness can definitely make the bariatric surgery work and serve its purpose.

To sum up, if you have given this piece of writing a good read, are suffering from obesity, and are eligible for the surgery, then we encourage you to contact a professional bariatric surgeon who could secure your journey from fat to fit.

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