Should You Keep Copywriting In-house Or Outsource? Here’s A Guide On How To Make The Right Decision For Your Business

Businesses aim to establish and maintain a great rapport with each of their customers. While the idea of consistently reaching thousands of regular and potential clientele may seem overwhelming, it is possible. 

Ads, social media posts, newsletters, and websites are only a few methods used by businesses to communicate. It’s crucial to decide the best way for your business to produce strategic content. So should copywriting be outsourced to a copywriting agency or remain in-house?

In-House Or Outsourcing?

A company hoping to expand its market cannot depend on subpar content. For a business to thrive, they need to invest in reliable copywriters capable of producing high-quality content. A professional copywriter has the skills to communicate effectively with a broad range of consumers. Persuasive advertisements, blogs, and landing pages are in high demand.

Since copywriting is a valuable skill, companies have to consider whether they will hire in-house or if they will outsource. Every business is unique. Some need to conform to a restrictive budget. More well-established businesses will have more capital to invest in professional copywriters or putting their internal team through copywriting courses

Also consider the kind of content your customer would be interested in. A growing business would want to invest in writers capable of producing effective content for the industry. Content placement will also influence the style and language used. 

Advantages And Disadvantages

In-house copywriters are an internal segment of a company focused on producing creative content that can help companies grow their reach and connect with their audiences. Here are some advantages to retaining an in-house team or copywriter: 

  • In-house writers are familiar with the technical vocabulary unique to your business.
  • They promote the company’s brand with loyalty. They understand the company vision and can construct a consistent brand voice.
  • An in-house writer can efficiently adhere to a specific timetable in sync with the rest of the business.
  • They can liaise closely with account managers.

Before electing to build an in-house team of copywriters and content creators, remember that an in-house team is not always skilled in content strategy—and keeping a staff of writers in-house can be costly.

An equally viable option available is outsourcing. New and well-established businesses often utilize contract writing experts independent from the company sector. They may either hire a specific freelance copywriter or outsource to an established agency with a repertoire of trained writers. Outsourcing has some attractive highlights:

  • Outsourced writers can meet the increasing demand for content.
  • They can adapt to a specific market.
  • An outsourced firm is adept at content strategy and content creation.

However, keep in mind that outsourcing has its own set of distinct disadvantages:

  • High-end agencies can be expensive.
  • Unless you do your homework before hiring, you could end with a freelancer who is not an expert in your specific industry.
  • It can cost you time to train an outsourced copywriter to communicate in the voice of your brand.

Analyze Your Options

There are obvious pros and cons to copywriting in-house and outsourcing. With either decision, it’s vital for a business to only use high-quality work. Each business must evaluate the best course of action for themselves. When the call for new content comes, your team will compose in adherence to company goals. If your outsourced or in-house team produces low-quality work, then you’ll also have to employ a professional to handle corrections and revisions.

One online company found that an in-house team opened up the door to achieving substantial company goals. They have accomplished great efficiency due to their in-house writers. In addition, their writers became even more adept in their skills and acquired better SEO strategies. The same company admits that building an in-house team of writers was not without challenges. Still, it was more prudent than to keep outsourcing as they had previously done. 

But while there is a significant advantage in constructing a team of writers in-house for some companies, it may be an unnecessary move altogether for others. If the content isn’t brand specific, then hiring a freelancer well-versed in the industry could be the perfect business choice. Outsourced copywriting could also save your business time and money.

You need content from professionals you can count on. By realistically evaluating your company’s needs, you will be able to decide whether to keep your copywriting in-house, or whether you should outsource.

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