Commonly Used jQuery Methods

JQuery Hide() and Show() Method:


In JQuery , if you have to hide or show an element corresponding to any event in html element then JQuery provides you a pre-defined method called hide and show method . In this introduction we will learn how to use hide and show method in JQuery .





This hide() method instantly hide any HTML element and if you want to show the hidden element then you have to call the show method. This hide() and show() method takes two optional parameters speed and a callback function.


Hide() and Show() method takes two optional parameters – Speed & Callback.

Speed parameter can take 3 values i.e ”fast”, ”slow”, milliseconds

  • ”fast” value performs the hiding and showing animation extremely fast
  • ”slow” value performs the hiding and showing animation slow and smoothly
  • You can put custom animation time in milliseconds to make the animation smoother

Lastly if you want any task to be performed after the hide() and show() then you have to use the callback function.

JQuery Toggle() Method:

In JQuery , if you want to perform the hide() and show() method simultaneously then you have a built-in method called Toggle().




Toggle() method hides the element if it is shown and shows the element if it is hidden.


The parameters toggle() method are similar to previously discussed hide() and how() method.

jquery code

jquery hide show

In this output , if you click on hide button the div element will be hidden.

jquery hide show

And now if show button is pressed the div will be shown again.

If you click on the “Hide” button, The entire div will disappear.

jquery hide show

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