How to Save Money When Sending Packages Overseas: TOP 4 tips

Saving money on international package shipping is a very smart thing to do, yet can be challenging. Sending packages overseas is a difficult procedure and is far more difficult than shipping locally. Unlike domestic deliveries, international shipments have strict import regulations and many documents need to be filled out before dispatching your packages. Plus, air freights or sea freights take way more time and are more expensive. Thus, sending packages overseas might be costly.

However, increased shipping rates can be reduced by following some basic tips. We’ve gathered the main ones to make your international shipping experience easier and cheaper. Let’s get to them right now.

Tip # 1 Reuse Materials

The most popular way to save money is reusing. Plus, reusing is an ecologically wise thing to do. When sending packages overseas, you can reuse almost all packaging materials. So, if you receive a lot of packages to your address, don’t throw away packaging materials. Instead, reuse them. From kraft paper and bubble wrap to foam peanuts and air bags –  all internal packaging can be reused as long as it functions well. However, be careful when reusing cardboard boxes. It must be in great condition, neat, and with a clean surface.

Tip # 2 Consider Destination Point

When sending packages overseas, pick a carrier specializing in shipping packages exactly to your destination point. For example, if you need to send packages to Poland, try to find a shipping company that is expert in shipping to Poland. You can also go with a company shipping to each part of the globe, but you may be disappointed in service quality. Keep in mind that those who specialize in specific routes usually provide better service quality and offer lower shipping rates.

Tip # 3 Perform Price Comparison

As simple as it sounds, comparing shipping rates is probably the most efficient way to save on international deliveries. To do that, use price comparison tools or get custom quotes from a bunch of different shipping service providers.

Don’t be surprised if shipping prices vary due to destination country. For instance, shipping to Russia is usually more costly than shipping to other countries. But price comparison will let you find the cheapest options regardless of the destination country.

Tip # 4 Save on Package Insurance

Another great way of saving money when sending packages overseas is not paying for package insurance. If you like this idea, you need to find a shipping company offering package insurance for free. Bear in mind that not having your packages insured is considered risky when sending them on a long-distance journey.

The bottom line

Although sending packages overseas can be quite costly due to extended procedures, you can always find some ways to save money. Hopefully, the tips above will let help you to make your international package shipping easier and reasonably priced.

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