Is It Economical to Purchase a Massage Chair in 2024?

How many people do you know that are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on house gadgets like fitness equipment, gardening tools, and other additions that are not necessary but that certainly make people’s lives easier? And how many people do you know that buy the same thing only to leave them collecting dust around the home? Every larger house investment should be carefully considered as it should be an improvement to your life and not just a piece to brag about. Such investment is a massage chair. If you were wondering whether or not to invest, continue reading this article to reach a decision.

What is the purpose of a massage chair?

To explain the purpose of owning a massage chair can be explained in both simple and complex terms. Simple is the easiest one – the purpose of a massage chair is to provide massages for the people using them. The complex explanation is a long one.

A massage chair is a piece of furniture and equipment at the same time. Even though its main purpose is to provide massages, it is also a spot to rest, to doze off while watching TV, reading, or even do some work on your laptop. It is a part of the lifestyle of a busy person, a person working from home, a mother or father (especially of younger children), it is a 24/7 available massage station. Additionally, it can be, and it often is, an accent part of the interior design of a room it is in.

Pros of massage chair over massage treatments?

It happens that we fall asleep on a sofa and wake up with a pain in the back of the neck. You can slip on the wet floor and hit your back or rear area. Any of these is painful to deal with, especially if you consider that you would need to go to the ER, to pay for more than a few massage treatments and to fit them into your already sorted schedule. A massage chair will be there to comfort and relieve you of pain immediately, with no additional pain and lost nerves.

There are many pros that come with the multiple functions of massage chairs. We will list only some of them here:

  • vibration;
  • rollers;
  • heated seat and back;
  • leg and hand massage;
  • air massage;
  • Shiatsu massage;
  • Yoga stretch;
  • zero gravity positions;
  • foot massage;
  • Bluetooth music system;
  • etc.

Body Benefits of massage chair

There are many benefits that come with the regular use of massage chairs. The one that is certain is that it relaxes and in just a few minutes relieves you of stress. Regular usage of massage chairs also helps with head, neck, and back pain, even chronic type, according to medical studies. The massages are also a great help with the issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle, like issues with posture, poor circulation, joint flexibility, while giving a great bonus effect by boosting energy levels.

Repetitive motion injuries are injuries that occur due to a long-term impact of performing the same type of motion again and again. For example, typing continuously over extended durations can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused due to the pinching of nerves in the wrist during the unnatural position required to be maintained while typing. The other example would be shoulder pain caused by repeated action with a dominant hand in construction or different types of handy work. Regular massage can also help with these deformities.


It is no secret that a massage chair is an investment. The price range goes from a few thousand and goes over 20,000 dollars. However, if you count that you spend around 100 dollars or more each time you go to your massage appointment, where we can count in the time and gas spent going there, which could considerably raise the value. You have to make an appointment, there are no urgent calls and you have to fit in the working hours of the salon. It is definitely a task to get to the massage parlor, while the massage chair will always be available.

Unless you need a special type of massage for therapy, the massage chair is worth considering. Additionally, consider ‘cost per use’, as the long years ahead you are certain to quickly pay off, especially with the regular usage and the improved both mental and physical health.

How to choose a massage chair?

There are two main factors that will affect your decision on which model of massage chair to buy – price and purpose. As mentioned previously, there is a great range that covers multiple price points and types of clients. The cheapest models start at just above 1,000 dollars, while costly, multi-functional and designer pieces can cost more than a couple tens of thousands of dollars. When it comes to purpose, the relaxation, vibration, and comfort are covered by each model, whereas different additions like heat, leg and calves massagers, music speakers, USB plugs, Shiatsu, stretching, and others can make a price difference, although it doesn’t need to be a big one.

Finally, while a massage chair is not a basic necessity, it can majorly affect your life quality on a daily basis. With the great convenience of always being there, ready to help you relax, for you, your family, and any guest you want to share it with, you will be able to enjoy it for 10 years or more. Sometimes the only economy we should really consider is whether we deserve the small luxuries or not.

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