Most Popular Game design trends to watch out for in 2024

If you type a simple query in the search box of the search engine about the popularity of online games, it would reveal the growing number of active gamers that have already crossed billions. The next time you see your kids and partner hooked to the gaming consoles, tab, laptops, computers, and mobile phones, you shouldn’t be surprised. Most probably he or she is enjoying a video game online.

Video games are engaging and thus have facilitated a global audience across different age groups to play their preferred games online. The sheer variety of games, the improved features, and technological development have all contributed to the popularity and enabled gamers to enjoy playing games at their convenience.

With time, gaming has emerged as one of the most profitable ventures. The popularity is evident if you see the trends of the last few years. The exponential growth recorded in this industry has crossed all benchmarks commercially and technologically. Thus, it is easy to foretell the potential of the game design and development sector because more than three billion gamers play online globally and the number is still on the rise.

Before we delve deeper into the trends in the gaming industry for 2024, let us look at the following facts and stats:

Game Development- The Facts and Statistics 

  • Mordor Intelligence research data indicates that the market capitalization of the gaming industry is on a steady rise and can touch USD339.5 billion by 2027.
  • Global Data analysis reports that mobile gaming revenue is expected to be $272 billion by 2030.
  • SensorTower data suggests that gamers spending on the App Store and Google Play is expected to exceed USD138 billion by 2025.
  • According to SensorTower, by 2025, mobile games alone will account for seventy-one percent of Google Play income, while gaming apps will account for forty-two percent of App Store revenue.
  • As per Statista, Asia will be the global leader in the video game market, with around 1.48 billion users, followed next by Europe with more than seven hundred fifteen million users.

Top Trends for 2024 in the Gaming Industry

If you are planning to hire game app developers and designer for your next gaming project, here is an insight into how game development company can implement these options:

Online Gaming in the Cloud

Mobile cloud games teach us the most effective methods of life. Subscription models also have a profound effect and motivation on developers. After all, they can rapidly associate payment methods with the players’ skills.

As a result, if users wish to acquire some strength, such as involving a player or players with weapons in games like Fortnight, PUBG, and so on, they may respond intelligently and quickly.

Without question, developers benefit handsomely when their users or customers turn on their PCs, mobile devices, laptops, and so on to browse remote servers and play cloud games without the help of hardware.

Application of Wearable Technology in Game Development

Ordinary people use the term “wearable” to refer to gadgets like smart rings, watches, wristbands, and other wearables that can measure body data and produce reports accessed by smartphones and other devices. These wearable gadgets, according to a Unity 3D game development business, include high-quality sensors that can even track your sleep cycle. These technologies, however, are not just useful in the health and fitness market but even in gaming.

Portable technology has produced helpful games that are manageable. It allows players to stand up and wander about the game map while still immersed in their favorite games. By establishing a halo deck experience with VR, this technology can produce an immersive encounter.

Game designs based on Blockchain

Blockchain is the new kid on the block. It has a robust technology that provides data encryption apt for the e-commerce industry. Now there are plenty of opportunities for gaming companies to hire game designers in the gaming sector. Its integration with cryptocurrency has helped many niche and NFT-based games to lay a solid foundation.

Reports from “MarketsandMarkets” project the global blockchain gaming industry to have a market size that would grow up to $65.7 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 70%. With players projected to purchase in-app games to the tune of $168 billion, it is seen that Blockchain technology is going to play a crucial role in providing a safe and secure gaming environment.


Metaverse is in trend now. Games, such as “Fortnite concerts” are offering an immersive gaming experience. Brands like “Nikeland and Roblox” are building their gaming infrastructure and offering users to create realistic avatars by offering their resources.

According to market estimates, the Metaverse market size globally is forecasted to grow to $710 billion at a CAGR of thirty eight percent by 2027.

Virtual Reality in Games

VR is a buzzword now that has taken gaming to a new level, offering players an insight of realistic gaming and thus making it a fascinating experience. The VR headsets allow players to interact with one another playing in a closed environment.


Being aware of the ongoing trends helps improve dexterity, and counter risks and challenges associated with the gaming industry. Game design development has great potential in future. With continued efforts to provide better experience, developers working with game design companies can benefit from the trends and use their imagination and technical skills. All of which help create innovative experiences with real-time approaches. Overall, the advancement in technology has helped developers to design more interactive games, keeping in mind the interest of potential users.

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