10 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate On Website Right Now

Conversion rate is something that shows your website usability, trust in your brand, relevancy of the incoming traffic, and a myriad of other factors. So, getting traffic to your website is great but if that traffic doesn’t convert, then it’s almost useless. As a marketer, it’s important to remove any kind of barrier to your conversion. For this, you need to calculate and analyze why the visitors aren’t converting to your site.

Website conversion rates average up to around 2%, that is for every 100 visitors you can expect only 2 customers. An SEO company in Jaipur, that is rapidly developing, guides its interns strategically about all the ways that can increase conversion rates on websites.

To help you get started, this article will share with you statistically 10 ways to increase your conversion rate on a website right now:

Add a pop-up to your site

According to a study, the average conversion rate of all pop-ups is 3.09 percent. If you do it the right way, you can reach the top 10% of pop-ups which average up to around 9.28% conversion rate. This change will boost up your conversion rate.

Some quick tips for getting the highest conversion rates are: try several offers like pdfs or other free stuff until you find the best option. You can out a 30 second delay times on the pop-up, this keeps the customers from getting annoyed, and yes, keep it easy to close the pop-up.

Add testimonials, reviews, and logos

We know that no one wants to be the first one to use a product or service. So you can put their mind at ease by providing testimonials and reviews from past customers. Social proofs help taking visitors into confidence and can convert them into customers.

Collect and analyze visitor data

You should constantly track and analyze your website data to learn about the visitors and their preferences. This data will inform you where you should direct your optimization efforts. There are some key data points that you should track to understand your visitors

  • Data on traffic and traffic sources.
  • Details of user behavior on your landing pages.
  • Bounce and abandonment rates for web pages and forms.
  • Information on return customers and average order values.
  • Net promoter scores {NPS} or other customer feedback.
  • This must highlight all information about your target, prospects, and users, including their likes, dislikes, goals, and pain points. 

Remove distractions

There’s nothing worse if a website pulls you into too many distractions. Your page should be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. If something is not essential, don’t include it, stick with what your visitors need to know.

For clarity, implement the following-

  • Headings and sub-headings.
  • Benefits and features.
  • Visual combined with text, which shows what you’re offering.

Eliminate all distractions because you want visitors to focus on your offer and nothing else. 

Perform competitor analysis

You need to have a competitive edge over your rivals, You need to know their strength and weaknesses.  you can use that information to highlight your strength over your competitor’s weaknesses. Mind that people research their options before making any purchase.

By performing competitive analysis you can Get to step into your customer’s shoes and pit yourself against your competitor as your customers would. You can then focus on putting your efforts towards ensuring that yours is the best site and product range your customers will find. 

Make the initial step really easy

It is the psychological factor that human beings tend to finish the thing that they started. When it comes to your offers the first step should be really easy to complete. Instead of requesting for an entire form to be filled just ask for an email address. You can hope to procure further information from the mail. The easier you make the initial step the better is the chances of your visitors following up till the end.

Add Live Chat

When I visited doesn’t convert probably there is a question or concern about your product or service. To avoid losing your potential customers it is advisable to add a live chat to your site. Live chat can help potential customers to get the concern or question answered by our customer service.

Communicate your value proposition

On any landing page value proposition should be clearly communicated.  to do this you need to know the persona of the customer and an understanding of who your audience is. Write your copy specifically for Your target audience addressing their goals, motivations, and pain points. You should discuss the benefits of a product or service over their features.  benefits will make your customers imagine their life with your products while features are easy to skim and ignore. Your copy should communicate how your product will or can solve the problem of your audience. If you are not converting, you need to check how well your copy is written.

Conduct a / b testing

It is not that easy to know what is working and what is not so when anything such happens you should conduct A / B tests.  See what types of copy, color, layout, heading, and CTAs work for your target audience. Get creative with your experiments you can try an entirely new type of CTA or you can change the format of your copy.

Enhance the purchasing process

Many of us prefer to do online purchases from our mobile phones. Making a purchase on your website through the phone should be an easy process. This means you should not have too many steps for checkout and Your payment buttons should be easy to see and click. It is very convenient when a user is able to checkout as a guest and uses whatever method is available to them for payment, be it Google pay, phone pay, Paytm, Apple pay, or PayPal. So ultimately checkout process should be easy, a complicated process will reduce your mobile conversions.


The more visitors you convert, the higher is the impact you drive on your top line from your existing traffic. Above we see 10 ways to increase the conversion rate on a website. Having said that, keep in mind that some of these ways are likely to drive better results for your business than others. This content is provided by a content writing service in Jaipur by a developing SEO and magento website development company in the city.

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