5 Upcoming WhatsApp Feature That Will Make The Messaging Service Even Better

What is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is an American open-source, cross-platform messaging internet protocol service owned by Facebook and was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Its headquarters is situated in Menlo Park, California, United States which is elaborated properly on CrunchyTricks. It allows users to send text and voice messages and share various types of media within the chat. It was released on three may 2009 and was written in erlang.

Whatsapp has recently introduced so many new features in the country for its users. The ready-to-use messaging platform is fantastic software and is currently working on many more new features. As of now, we need to add contacts and ask for numbers to add someone to a group, but with new features, it won’t be required from now. One can scan a QR code to initiate a chat. This widely used and popular messenger has developed a lot in the past few years and is liked by users, so hopefully, this update will also not disappoint people. Instead, it will be favored much due to its easy use and now for Business purposes. Whatsapp is going to launch its new update with all new features, bringing all the possible needs that can support small business. These can make it easier for people who are just learning to use the internet so that more and more people find it worthy and useful for work purpose apart from being just a messenger. 

So here are the 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Feature That Will Make The Messaging Service Even Better:

1. Dark Mode:

It’s ok for the user’s to use WhatsApp in the daytime, but when it comes tonight, it is challenging to use due to its brightness. It causes eye fatigue and a lot of strain on the eyes to read the texts. 

But with the future feature/design which uses light-colored text and icons, the problem will be resolved as you will be able to switch from light mode to dark mode immediately that will help the user’s eyes. 

2. Privacy and Security:

Many people don’t want to or feel comfortable sharing numbers just the moment you ask, and sometimes it’s too awkward to ask for names to people to add them to your WhatsApp group. However, WhatsApp is end-to-end-encrypted; the new update will be much more personal and will keep the professional front separate. Users don’t have to ask for contact numbers to add someone in your group, and one can join the group just by scanning the QR code of a business, packaging product r a receipt, etc. Group invites will be more accessible than ever before. You can share the QR code of your storefront to the people whom you want, and they can join quickly by scanning. 

Secondly, WhatsApp is yet to release a unique feature which only worked for stories and status until now, will also work for messages which are named “self-destructive messages” that is the message sent by the user will automatically disappear after a while like a story or status disappear after 24hours or so. But this not confirmed yet; the company and team are still working on it.

3. Multiple Device Support:

This will be the most prominent upcoming feature that everyone is going to relish. Wrecking your device and then losing all of its stored data was a significant problem for so many people, and even after that, changing your device won’t also bring your lost data back

WhatsApp has been working on a new feature that will sanction users to log onto their WhatsApp account in more than one device. Henceforth, users wouldn’t have to worry about losing their data or the unavailability of WhatsApp. With this update, user can open his account from four different devices at the same time, although if they share the same network connection. 

4. Disappearing Messages:

This is yet another remarkable feature that users are going to enjoy when implemented in the future. Like WhatsApp stories or status disappears after 24 hours of upload, users shortly will be able to send messages to each other that will go after a specific time. 

Features like these are already present in apps like Instagram and soon will be expected to be present in WhatsApp. This will improve the privacy of users, even if the password is known to other people.

5. Whatsapp QR Code:

WhatsApp is yet working on a conforming feature again that allows users to add contacts just by scanning QR code and even scan QR code for others to add to their connections. This makes it very easy for users to connect to each other via whatsapp. 

Earlier, you had to save the contact first, and then you can text people, and now you can easily add them just by scanning their QR code. This feature is already available in beta versions for some of the operating systems like android and ios, and soon it will be available for stable releases as well.

Other features to be introduced that came to news are – 

Opening the restriction for adding members in Video calls and Groups: 

There’s a restricted number of 4 members allowed to join a video call, which will be dismissed in the new update, and the amount will be increased to 15 . Hence it will be much efficient for business conferences online. Also, the number of members allowed to add in a WhatsApp group was earlier 256, which will be increased to 500. Thus large business groups and corporate needs can be satisfied. 

Group privacy: 

To set the group privacy, there will be a new button on the ‘settings’ menu –‘ Privacy and groups’ from where one will be able to terminate the invites from spam groups and can select specific contacts you wish to add in your group in instant messages. This will help one to convey the sole purpose to the restricted group and get the involvement of people whom you want. Unnecessary groups and messages that may disturb you can be thus optimized and stopped.

Digital Payment through WhatsApp:

In addition, WhatsApp will make sending money or paying bills as easy as sending a message, and no doubt, it will be secured. For any transaction, WhatsApp will demand Fingerprint and a unique six-digit pin, which will be kno3wn only by the user himself/herself, if not shared. This will be very relevant for small to significant business purposes as well as for transferring money to your dear ones. 


For small businesses, one can upload catalogs of items one by one catalog form arranged by WhatsApp, which can be uploaded by admins, and members of the group can easily see the items and products you offer to customers. 

Sharechat for Android: 

This feature will introduce the users to watch the video just like Youtube within the app for Android-based users. However, this feature will not launch immediately. It’s on-demand by users as posting limit of a video in WhatsApp is 30secs, which is too little, and posting a whole video in parts is a struggle and not favored by users. So a completely separate video watching icon will be available in the app ‘Sharechat.’ From now onwards, we will not be disappointed while viewing or posting any video.

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