8 Tips and tricks to look slimmer in a Designer Kurti

Kurtis can be likened to those close friends who you can trust blindly for all your needs. You can go casually glam with jeans or formal with chic palazzos to impress a client at work.

Designer kurtis always have your backs. These kurtis are the perfect combination of style and comfort, making them an essential wardrobe item for every woman.

What do you do if you feel bloated or have just had a burger? It is possible to look good without looking too bulky. It is possible! These are some tips and tricks we have that can help you lose a few pounds instantly or at least make others feel the same. Also visit our store for fashion kurti for ladies.

Kurtis are an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Kurtis are loved for their comfort and appeal. Let’s take a look at some tips to make plus-sized women appear slimmer in a Kurti.

Fashion is a way for women to express their beauty, regardless of size or shape. For women who are looking slimmer and trimmer, the Kurti is a great option.

1. Fabric for the win.

Your outfit’s fabric is its soul. Choose soft, flowy fabrics such as satin, georgette or light poly-cottons. They move effortlessly around your body and don’t cling. Avoid purchasing kurtis online made of fabrics that hug your body tightly or are stiff, such as spandex or highly-starched cotton.

2. Flare for the stare

Flares and cinched styles are great for anyone with a pear-shaped physique. Flares and cinched styles instantly flatter your natural body shape, conceal voluptuousness, and give your silhouette a slimmer look.

3. Layers are fun!

Layering ethnic wear can be difficult. A simple, floor-length cotton jacket or small waistcoat can be worn over your everyday wear kurta to elevate your style.

4. Fusion of the prints.

This is the science of symmetry. You can achieve this look with striped patterns that run along your lengths, or small floral prints evenly spread over a dark background. These kurtis can be paired with kurtis with a fitted bodice, flared hemline and below-the-calf length. People will love your impeccable style.

5. Far from the zari.

It can be tempting to buy zari or brocade-encrusted kurtis. It is not a good choice for people who don’t want to look bulky. An Anarkali suit with soft embellishments running vertically down its length is a good choice if you want a more delicate, slimmer look.

6. Choose colours that work.

Pastels are your enemy. You can befriend your dark side by choosing colours such as wine, deep royal, black, chocolate, earthy, and chocolaty shades of brown, midnight violet, and so on. These colours look stunning while focusing on your curves, and elevating your overall appearance.

7. Accessories that are forceful

Don’t-Underplay-Your-Accessories. Many women believe that accessories are not important to your body type. We are here to tell you that an impressive choker can highlight your collarbones, a slender bangle can emphasize your wrist, or long-drop earrings can lengthen your neckline. All of these will make your appearance more delicate and slimmer.

8. Complete the look with shoes

Flats don’t work when it comes to shaping your body into a slimmer shape. You can show off your longer legs by adding a few centimetres to your heels. You will look slimmer if you are taller.

9. Straight cuts are the best way to go

To ensure you look your best in a custom plus-size Kurti, it is best to choose straight long Kurtis.

Straight Kurti and A-line Kurti are top choices. Anarkali Kurti is also a popular choice. Each style amplifies legs and gives you a weighted, spread-out look.

Flares are not recommended. Skirt-style Kurtis should be avoided. Flares can make you appear wider than you are. It is important to keep the Kurti in close proximity to the body.

Straight cut and cotton are both great choices for summer or winter. This Kurti is a must-have

for any wardrobe. An easy way to look fashionable and fit is to wear a 3/4-sleeve (almost orange) straight Kurti.

The skirt is a combination of a pink and white floral skirt. This creates a striking contrast that is easy to see. This simple, but effective design will make you happy. It offers comfort and can be worn in any fashion trend.

10. Say NO to heavy fabrics!

Thick fabrics can be bulky and heavy. Thick fabrics will make you appear larger and heavier due to their high quality finishes. Jacquard and denim fabrics are thicker and have a heavier weight.

These fabrics will not only make you appear a little heavier than you are, but they will also make you feel tired faster and cause you to sweat profusely.

The decorations you put on your outfit can also increase your weight. Fabrics that have mirror work, sequins, and beads, as well as embroidery, can make them heavier.

Lightweight fabrics will keep you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The lightest fabrics are those made from natural fibers like wool and cotton.

Being slim begins with feeling slim. This is what you must do mentally before you can make it a reality.

11. Smaller patterns are better

For a slimmer, more stylish look, there is a general rule. Your clinched fist should be the same size as the individual pattern or design.

It is better to make the fabric smaller because it creates the illusion that it is larger. If you have larger designs, there will be only one fabric that can fit all of them.

Geometric patterns can make you appear slimmer. If you choose to use stripes, ensure they are vertical and not horizontal.

Vertical lines give the illusion of slimmer figures that require little or no effort. Avoid large checks and associated printed patterns. They place emphasis on the body’s shape and size.

12. Keep your height in mind

Plus-sized women are often also medium- to short in height. Your appearance can be affected by your height. If you think right, you can even look taller.

Your weight will look more evenly distributed if you are taller. How can you trick this trick? Simple, monochrome Kurtis with simple patterns can help you increase your height by centimeters.

Bottom garments should not be long. It will make you appear shorter. If you are long then you should wear long kurti for women  that is perfect for you.

Avoiding over-accessorizing is another important tip. Avoid over-accessorizing with jewellery.

This allows people to see the beauty in simplicity. Too many necklaces or bangles can make your arms and neck look cluttered, or worse, even shorter.

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