Health & Beauty Tips for the Over 70s

Looking after your emotional health and well-being as you age should be of optimum priority. Still,taking care of your physical health and fitness levels simultaneously is equally important.

Beauty truly is something that emanates from within, but part and parcel of feeling confident in your own skin is feeling as if you look your best, and with this in mind, here are some helpful health and beauty tips for the over seventies.

Consider Laser Eye Surgery

Taking just half an hour from start to finish each, the operation to have laser surgery on your eyes takes just a morning of your day, yet boasts an impressive array of advantages, all of which you will be benefiting for years to come.

The main benefits of laser eye surgery Brisbane clinics offer include, amongst many others, the following:

  • Laser eye surgery is far more affordable than you think
  • Laser eye surgery is entirely painless
  • Laser eye surgery makes a hugely dramatic difference ineyesight
  • Laser eye surgery can correct different forms of refractive errors

If you get easily frustrated by your contact lenses or glasses, this could be the perfect solution you’ve been seeking.

Nurture Your Mental Health & Find Your Purpose

Taking care of your health is by no means just a physical consideration, but also refers to your emotional health and well-being as well. For older adults, especially if you have spent many years working professionally in the world of business, retirement can be an exciting and daunting new phase of your life in equal measure.

With so much more time on your hands, you owe it to yourself and your mental health to look for new ways to enjoy yourself, with the following suggestions being a good place to start:

  • Join an evening class
  • Introduce morning yoga or tai chi into you
  • Consider volunteering at a local charity shop or soup kitchen
  • Learn a musical instrument

Prevent Trips & Falls (As Much as Possible)

Accidents can occur at any time to anyone, and sometimes, there is absolutely nothing you can possibly do to prevent it from happening.Falls and trips can result in a slight graze to the knee or serious leg, arm, or hip breakage. Far from being a problem only experienced by a small number of people, around 700,000 older adults are hospitalized after a fall.

To avoid trips and falls as much as possible, always use handrails where available, practice balance and stability exercises to strengthen your core, never overexert yourself and if you do use a mobility aid, use it at home as well as in public.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Even though this next suggestion seems like the answer to everything, if you would believe the media, make sure you get enough sleep and that you try and stick to a semblance of a routine every night. You may well have heard that older people need much less sleep than younger people. Still, this is entirely untrue as regardless of an individual’s age, it is recommended everyone sleeps for between seven and nine hours a night.

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