Laser eye surgeries are the cutting-edge technology to correct a large number of vision-related problems. According to a renowned ophthalmic surgeon in London, although laser eye surgeries have no upper age limit but they prove to be futile to cure presbyopia. Presbyopia is a medical term used to denote the natural effect of age on the eyes, which diminishes your vision.

In the recent times, surgeons for Laser eye surgery in London show impressive success rate in curing presbyopia. It is certain the technology will evolve further in the days to come but as of now, laser eye surgery has certain requirements for people above 50 to be considered suitable candidates.

Laser eye surgery above 50 years age

One of the most important things to be considered in selecting suitable candidates for laser eye surgery among people above 50 is one must have a stable prescription. That is to say, your vision has remained the same for at least a year or longer.

The next in order of importance is you must have overall healthy eyes. If you suffer from vision-related problems like cataracts that cannot be cured by laser surgery, then you may not be an ideal candidate either.

Moreover there are certain conditions that make your chances as an ideal laser eye surgery patient thinner above 50. These conditions include the following:

  • Glaucoma – Pressure build-up in the eye is responsible for glaucoma and the condition cannot be cured by laser eye surgery. A section of glaucoma patients is still considered suitable to undergo laser treatment although that depends on the judgment of your eye doctor.
  • Cataract – Clouding of the natural lens inside the eye leads to cataracts. This develops over time and the natural process of ageing is mostly responsible for it. When the ever-developing cataract grows large enough to limit your vision or affect your normal activities, the defective lens is replaced with a clear implant. Cataract surgery improves your vision to the level that you do not need glasses any more. These days technology enables eye doctors to perform an alternative corneal laser enhancement procedure. This perfects the prescription of a patient during the post-cataract surgery phase.
  • Dry eyes – This is a very common vision-related condition that develops with getting older. Lesser production of tear is mainly responsible for this problem. Some laser eye surgeons perform laser eye surgery on these patients. A patient’s overall health, and not his or her age, is considered in such cases to decide about the surgery.

An ophthalmologist renowned for successful LASIK surgery in London says with advanced technology, now it is possible for a larger number of people above 50 to have laser eye surgeries including LASEK.

Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon that develops at one point of time or the other in one’s life. But now there’s no more to rely on those dreaded reading glasses to counter its effects. Ophthalmologists treat these conditions with PRESBYOND laser blended vision, which improves a patient’s reading vision for years together. Today there is also the option of monovision contact lenses to consider. This range of contact lenses is specially designed so that one eye sees distance while the other eye sees up close.

PRESBYOND also makes little use of monovision but in a unique blend. This allows the eye that sees up close can also see distance while the eye that sees distance can also see up close. In other words, PRESBYOND makes use of the natural phenomenon in which the eyes see. PRESBYOND allows you enjoy much clearer overall vision at all distances along with a much greater depth of focus.

As much as 95% people suffering from Presbyopia rely on PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision. Studies confirms over 98% patients can read normal newspaper with PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision while more than 90% of them can also read those tiny prints inserted on medicine bottles.

Optimal Vision has a high success rate in handling these types of cases. You are free to contact us for more information about this cutting-edge treatment technology. We offer one of the most reasonable laser eye surgery costs in UK.


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