How To Utilize Advanced Company Targeting Options of LinkedIn Ads for Boosting B2B Lead Generation?

There is no doubt about the fact that LinkedIn is one of the best mediums for B2B targeting in the PPC field. Over the years, LinkedIn has gained popularity amongst the users. Instead of checking where your neighbor has gone for a holiday or what restaurant your friend checked in last night, you would prefer checking in LinkedIn to see what is trending in the industry or what your contacts have shared.

A great advantage for advertisers who are using LinkedIn is using the target option to reach out to their desired audience profiles. In LinkedIn, you can see profiles that are up to date. That is why LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for generating better quality B2B leads. Further, LinkedIn ads give you the opportunity to bring your PPC services to the future.

Types of targeting ads in LinkedIn
There are two types of targeting ads in LinkedIn:

A. Company category

The selected list from Fortune, Forbes, and LinkedIn together comprises the company category. Fortune and Forbes present their lists openly. So, matching this list with LinkedIn and compiling it into the list of the matched audiences is then made available for each advertiser. Since LinkedIn is integrated internally, compiling the audience list into the LinkedIn platform is easy.

B. Company growth rate

Another targeting ad type of LinkedIn is the company growth rate that caters to the following options:

– Negative growth companies
– 0% – 3% company growth
– 3% – 10% company growth
– 10% – 20% company growth
– More than 20% company growth

How to improve LinkedIn generation leads?

Here are some of the best practices to leverage your business in LinkedIn:

A. Have something beneficial to offer

Every business owner feels that their product or service is fantastic. However, what may be appealing to one, may not be attractive to another. So, you cannot expect everyone to grab your offerings without building up a connection with them.

If people do not find your offer to be necessary, none will pay heed to it, irrespective of the type of campaign you carry on. So, you have to ensure to offer something of value to your target market. The best way would be to conduct some research and find out what your customers want.

B. Combine your CRM to follow up with leads right away

LinkedIn gives you the permission to integrate your CRM directly for submission of more lead generation, irrespective of the platform you are working on. However, you can export the leads manually. But if you want things to be more comfortable, the best would be to integrate the CRM.
You are recommended to integrate CRM because first, it saves a lot of your time that you otherwise would be used for logging in and exporting leads regularly; and second, these B2B leads start working to develop the flows instantly.

C. Give your form a systematic and useful name

Imagine you are troubleshooting an issue over a form but get confused and waste time staring at the names you cannot make out anything. Well, that’s awful! Instead of getting stuck with these form names, give a meaningful name by which you can understand what it is meant for with the help of ad testing. Attaching a proper name might appear silly to an outsider but it makes a lot of sense to you.

D. Treat the LinkedIn lead generation form text fields as a landing page

You need to treat the form text as its landing page because the user cannot reach your website until they get over with the confirmation page. So, you need to put an equal amount of effort and time into creating the form text in the same way as crafting a landing page.
Here, the user gets the choice to decide if he or she is willing to pass on the information to you in exchange for your offerings. Tell the users in detail what benefit they can draw by filling up the form.

E. Balance quantity and volume

Like other forms, you have to maintain a balance between the questions you ask in the form and the responses you get. However, the bitter truth is, the more questions you ask, the lesser forms you are going to get.

If getting more forms is your target, opt for lesser questions. On the contrary, you can ask more questions, for better quality leads and allow the users to type something in the answer section.


LinkedIn generation ads are an extremely effective way to get more conversion rates from your target group. Apply these tips for a more efficient campaign.

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