Six Apps to Use When Bored

In this time of Covid-19 filled with lockdowns and being stuck at home, everyone tends to get bored wondering what to do. So, here is a list of 6 fun and interactive apps to use when bored. 


This is an interesting application/website filled with tutorials, articles, blogs, etc. But the best and most popular part about it is the quizzes. From “describe your personality to know which Disney Character you are” to “Choose random foods to know what kind of Jell-O you are,” the quizzes are very absorbing, interactive, and fun to engage in. I would recommend this app for you to use whenever you are bored or want to feel happy. If you are bored and still not satisfied, we have a list of the best prank sites. Visit the website and go prank away! You can also share your results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. BuzzFeed has grown immensely from being, in most cases, quiz-oriented to now reporting on tough information testimonies. BuzzFeed has solidified its target market and is aware of what content material it wants to see. The organization is steady and posts a large amount of content, so there’s something for all kinds of people. 


Content marketing is getting truly famous on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so forth. You’re bombarded with the present-day facts from blogs and all different forms of content material. This content material is beneficial; however, it all seems similar, and that they don’t attract your interest the way beautiful pics do. But when you visit Pinterest, all you notice is lovely snapshots with a brief description. It’s no longer only regular pictures. They’re generally unique and exquisite snapshots that are vying to your interest. Humans proportion them for a purpose. This has been one of the key reasons for its fulfillment – it’s photograph-based, not like other social media content-based. On Pinterest, with the help of pictures, all the files are nicely organized in the Pinboard, and it’s smooth to find what you’re seeking out. All you must do is look at the images inside the board, and you’ll at once consider which photograph hyperlinks to which website. In this manner, you can save all the content material you need to examine later inside the right Pinboard. This is something incredibly unique and handy about Pinterest. 


This is a free reading app filled with original stories as well as fanfictions about your favorite celebrities. The best and most grasping thing about this app is the reader’s point of view: stories that are so gripping and make you have an interesting and dripping experience throughout the story. You can also create your own stories, and if they are well received, you will be able to receive money from them. Wattpad permits in-line feedback in all of their memories, meaning readers can (and will) comment on the things they prefer, dislike, etc., as they’re analyzing your tale. I consider this an effortless way to get superior readers, i.e., a free attention organization, and use instant comments and interactions to help form the story. 


This is one of the most cliched ever to be listed in an article like this but let’s face it, it is grasping and intriguing. Filled with videos from music videos to tutorials to funny videos to interviews to conspiracies to facts to rumors to anything you would like. Want to go to Rome but don’t know if it’s worth it? Take a virtual tour through a vlog or a travel show and see what the experience would be like and the best highlights. With all seriousness, YouTube is one of the best go-to apps to learn, see or know anything by visual experience, whether it’s boredom or work/school-related. 


What’s better than doing something soulful and serotonin-filled than listening or dancing to music? Filled with the latest music from all your favorite artists to live show recordings to podcasts, Spotify is the best free music listening app. You can make playlists, share them, and even make collaborative playlists. There is also an amazing group program which enables at least five people to listen to the same music together at the same time. It has zero-ad streaming to Premium (paid service) users, along with a host of other convenient features. To conclude, Spotify is your go-to music app for everyone. 


This is a horror game app suitable for 15 and older. The object of the sport is to flee from the house alive. This can be tricky because the crazy Granny that lives within the house listens to each sound. There are five distinct levels of difficulty: Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy, and Practice. If you play in Practice mode, you’re within the house without Granny and may try various things without major difficulties. But the home is not completely free from dangers. Granny gives you five days within the house, but you’ll earn an additional day doing something for her.

If you did not escape after Judgment Day, well, we aren’t going to tell you. You’ll probably find out what happens then. What makes the game interesting and gripping is how intriguing, scary and thrilling the game is.

The benefits of playing a horror game are:

  • They Burn Calories. Yes, you read that correctly!
  • They Can Help Relieve Depressive Feelings
  • They Can Influence Your Real-Life Decisions
  • They Can Boost Your Immune System
  • They Can Help You to Socialize
  • They Teach You to Protect Yourself
  • They Help You Face What You Fear

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