Top 4 Methods of Securing Your Property Against Intruders

The security of your property will naturally be of utmost importance to both yourself and the rest of your family. So, whether you have resided in your property for many, many years or you have only just moved into the neighborhood, this article is for you. Here are the top four methods of securing your property against intruders.

1. Avoid Hiding Your Property Away

Many people understandably, but entirely wrongly, assume that the best way to protect their homes from intruders is to install high-security fences, whereby the house itself is entirely obscured from the road and passers-by.

In reality, however, quite the opposite is true, and it is far more effective to not create the perfect environment whereby an opportunistic burglar can be concealed as they break into your home, with the following tips being excellent ways of doing just that:

  • Gravel on the pathways to the doors, which make for audible detection
  • Thorny shrubs and plants around the front and back garden perimeters
  • Lower fences at the front of the property and taller fences at the back

2. Internal & External Lighting

Lighting is perhaps one of the best deterrents of all, especially for those opportunistic burglars who wander around neighborhoods looking for ‘easy targets’.

Inside your home, plug-in lights set to an automatic timerare brilliant for making the house appear occupied when it is empty. Outside, an automatic light that is low, clear, and bright white in the front of the garden switched on between dusk and dawn is highly advisable.

3. Introduce Smart Technology to Your Home

High-quality and trusted suppliers of smart technologies, such as the highly rated and established Sensi smart thermostat, will allow you to control the temperature and your energy costs when you are away. Smart doorbells are also a great extra level of security.

With smart doorbells, for example, you and the other members of your household be able to watch, either live or recorded later on, any movement either at the front or, if you have two cameras, at the back as well. They are also handy for redirecting parcels to the shed or garage or even having them left in the care of your neighbor until you return home.

4. Burglar Alarm Systems

Instead of merely having the appearance of a working burglar alarm system with two boxes at the front and rear of your home that are just aesthetic additions, it is instead incredibly important to install an accredited and fully functioning alarm system.

As long as you choose a respected and established brand of burglar alarm, you can freely choose between the three main types, all of which vary in terms of what they can provide and how much they cost. The first type of burglar alarm system is a monitored one, which immediately calls the alarm company. The second type is an unmonitored system, which plays a loud and repetitive alarm to scare off an intruder. The third is an auto-dialer, which automatically calls you or another designated household member.

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