Watson’s Works With You To Prepare For The Summer Months

When seasons change, there’s much work around a house that needs to be taken care of to prepare for the new. That’s especially true if you’re coming out of a long, harsh winter and a minimal spring. You’re someone longing for the warm summer months and the opportunity to get outside with close friends and family.

First, you must ensure all the essentials are taken care of. For those who have patio furniture, pools, hot tubs, pool tables, it’s time to schedule some service calls and take care of some cleaning and maintenance. 

When you have these sorts of conveniences, you’re the favored house for neighbors, close friends, family, coworkers, anyone who doesn’t have these things. That means you must be prepared for a houseful every weekend since these visitors will use you as their garden getaway for barbecues and entertainment.

That puts you in the predicament of updating, refinishing, and cleaning before the season officially starts. Consider these tips to get you started on your summer house overhaul.

What Will You Do To Prepare Your House For Summer Guests

As the house that has all the conveniences, including the pool table, pool, spa, and plenty of patio seating, everyone you know wants to visit you on the weekends in the summer. It would help if you shopped for more patio furnishings each year to accommodate an ever-growing guest list. 

Fortunately, Watson’s is on duty to help you prepare for the onslaught of company offering everything from furnishings to pool equipment, pool tables and the supplies, hot tubs and all you need for them, and virtually anything else you could think of for summer. Find out how to get prepared for summer at https://theeverygirl.com/prepare-home-for-summer/ and then let’s look at these steps to help you prepare.

Clear the garage from clutter

Usually, over the winter, the garage is the catchall for everything, and clearing it out gets neglected until the early summer season. Once it starts getting warm, it’s essential to get everything out of the space and empty the flooring and shelving to make room for sporting equipment, water equipment, and gardening tools. 

Once everything is off the floor, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a fresh coat of paint added.

Update the patio furnishings

Outdated and worn patio furnishings can be quite uncomfortable and look unappealing. If you plan on spending much time outdoors, it will offer you and your guests little support over the next few months. 

If you can’t reuse or redo the furniture to make it more suited for your needs, it’s wise to send it to recycling and opt for new pieces that offer comfortability that helps everyone relax while in the garden. 

When shopping for new pieces, it’s suggested to find materials like fiberglass, resin, or aluminum, which are much lighter in weight with an easier assembly and greater cushioning with a no-fade fabric and UV resistance. 

This way you won’t have the same problems each year. Visit here for ideas on getting ready for the summer months.

The grill needs to be barbecue ready

A grill should only be left on the patio if it has a cover over it since it’s exposed to weather conditions and prone to rust. Each spring, it’s vital to deep clean the unit and again in the fall so it operates optimally and will cook food without producing loads of smoke. 

It’s also vital to secure all the hardware to prevent the potential for out-of-control fires. After each use, the grill should be cleaned to ensure a nice, even cooking process each time and avoid burning. For adequate grill cleaning processes, check your manufacturer’s guidelines.


Outdoor lighting is a must 

Especially with adult events, the evening often passes well into the darkness. 

Adding lighting creates an ambiance and ensures a level of safety for everyone. You’ll want to include motion sensors, a few spotlights so the exceptionally dark areas are well-lit, and string lights add an extra layer of appeal.

The pool and the hot tub

The pool and the hot tub should have preventive maintenance if they’ve been closed all winter. 

A representative can come and get them ready for summer, checking the chemicals and the components to ensure everything is functioning, including the filters, and making corrections or replacing and cleaning as necessary.

From that point, you can either have someone come to clean the pool regularly, or you can be responsible for cleaning the structure and testing the chemicals, as well as for the hot tub.

Final Thought

If anyone wants to leave the outdoors, like if it’s raining, a trip to the game room will delight most individuals who enjoy a good game of pool. Depending on your table type, you’ll need to establish rules if children are in the group. Watson’s offers tables ranging from those kids can use up to only adults. 

But now that all the hard work is done, everything is clean, safe, and secure for everyone to enjoy; the only thing left for you to do is have a good time with those you love.

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