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Applicant tracking software or Applicant Tracking System is often useful for companies of all sizes to form it quicker and simpler for the recruiters to handle their applicant pipelines and recruit the proper fit open positions. it’s one of the foremost important and vital tasks for employers and hiring managers to efficiently and quickly recruit quality talent. Yet, with many candidates and an increased demand from companies to recruit the highest talent, it becomes an excellent challenge for the recruiters to return across the proper fit without utilizing a touch much time and resources.

An applicant tracking system offers a mixture of functionality and simple use to the recruiters and hiring managers. Choosing the right ATS system, especially one with rich features, are often overburdening. While selecting the proper one for your hiring process, you would like to form sure it’s the subsequent ATS features:

  • Candidate database
  • Career portal
  • Open APIs
  • Marketplace for 3rd party vendors
  • Company Portal
  • Outstanding UI/UX
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Internationally compliant
  • Built-in AI for unbiased hiring
  • Cloud-based
  • Easily customizable
  • End to finish solution
  • Built-in CRM

How is RecruitBPM different from other Applicant Tracking Systems?

Irrespective of your company size, you don’t need to choose a mean applicant tracking system. RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking solution is developed for both the candidates and HR professionals to assist the users to achieve the challenging realm of recruiting. Its interface is extremely user-friendly, while it offers all the advanced ATS features at very cost-effective pricing, which makes it easy on your pocket. within the midst of COVID-19, RecruitBPM is here to assist the recruiting and staffing agencies by offering its text recruiting tools.

Moreover, RecruitBPM is that the best and highly affordable applicant tracking system for little businesses. If you’ve got recently entered the realm of the staffing world, you don’t need to choose a recruitment software that might be tough for your business budget as a startup, as RecruitBPM is that the perfect applicant tracking system for startups. So, don’t twiddling my thumbs your recruiting endeavors and empower the recruiters with automated:

  • Job postings
  • Social recruiting tools
  • Easy data tracking
  • And more

Having said the above, if you discover yourself curious about using RecruitBPM or want to understand more about it, with great care you’ll make your recruiting endeavors hassle-free, you’ll schedule a demo with us or just start your 7-days free trial.

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