8 Best Amazon Web Services Monitoring Tools

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, has become the largest cloud computing service provider across the globe. It is the first preference of businesses and individual entrepreneurs to keep their data safe. More and more companies nowadays are getting dependent on cloud computing solutions to reduce their IT costs and increase the accessibility of their data and files in a secure environment. AWS offers more than 200 services to businesses so that one can choose the service that precisely meets their preferences and requirements. All the AWS services come with shared responsible models where both automatic management and user management have roles.

If you are using AWS development services, you will also need proper monitoring tools to monitor the performance of those services as well. It makes sure that the resources are performing according to the requirements and are up to the mark. Users can also make important changes in the application architecture by monitoring different dimensions. Here, we have mentioned the best AWS monitoring tools that you can use to monitor the performance of the service you are using. 

AWS Cloudwatch

It is the most common monitoring tool offered by every AWS consulting company. Most services offered by AWS cloudwatch are free to use. If you want to use the detailed monitoring features, you might have to pay some money for that. This is the basic tool that allows users to get actionable insights for the AWS account services. The service also allows users to set alarms for the metrics. This feature is commonly known as Cloudwatch alarms. Most AWS services are automatically integrated with the dashboard of cloudwatch, mostly known as cloudwatch logs. If they are not, users can easily send the logs to the cloudwatch logs. 

Cast AI

It is a complete engineering tool that helps engineers to automate Kubernetes and reduce their cloud costs by 65% on average. This platform comes with completely automated features, including bin packing, cost monitoring, security insights, autoscaling and spot instance automation. 

By using this tool, users can automatically optimize the cluster for cost as well as performance in a few minutes. Also, users can get seamless real-time autoscale instances based on workload requirements. It is a cost-saving tool that keeps the workload running even in unfavourable conditions. Users can also get all the security insights in one place for easy accessibility. It is a perfect option for companies who need to reduce their costs.

AWS CloudTrail

It is a special service from Amazon Web Services that monitors and records all the activities in your AWS account. It will automatically get recorded if you make any changes to your AWS user account. It keeps track of the entire API calls that can help users to know about the activity. If you have deleted something from your account, with this tool, you will be able to know who deleted those, when they were deleted and everything about that.

AWS Config

It is another beneficial AWS monitoring tool that allows users to create rules to access, audit or evaluate the configurations of AWS resources. It means that users can set up some rules that would be highlighted in the Config console. These rules can help the companies to take control of the security components as well as the analytics. 

AWS security hub

If security is your top priority, you can go for this monitoring tool. This tool allows users to access a central place to aggregate the security alerts and data from the entire range of security applications related to AWS, including all the services and apps. It allows users to pull insights from Amazon Macie, Amazon inspector, AWS guard duty etc. This single tool inspects all the insights and instantly alerts the user when it finds something suspicious. You can also use a customised dashboard to organise the issues with your AWS user account.


It is one of the most beneficial AWS monitoring tools that you can use. It is a specially designed SaaS platform for monitoring and analysing all the AWS resources so that the user can quickly filter and analyse the logs. It is a cloud-based platform that is extremely easy to use and offers real-time insights on applications and infrastructure metrics. It comes with a single customisable dashboard which is so diverse that you can use it for all your monitoring activities. It comes with over 350 vendor-supported integrations that allow users to collect metrics across the entire range of services of the AWS account. 

Paessler PRTG

It is a popular AWS monitoring tool that uses AWS service sensors to gather Cloudwatch metrics. It offers thorough performance insights to the user. It also allows users to bypass several problems of AWS applications entirely. Now you can gather the AWS Cloudwatch data for several AWS services. It also allows users to customise and configure the sensors according to their requirements.

New Relic

It is an AWS advanced technology partner monitoring service that allows users to see everything that happens on their AWS user accounts in real time. It will help you to see and monitor everything happening on your AWS user account in a single place to avoid confusion. It is integrated with several AWS services to offer a real-time view of the issues with metrics and performance. You can also customise your dashboard and perform several operations on the AWS data. It does not require setup or maintenance. This monitoring tool also instantly tracks the costs of your AWS user account and forecasts the cost for future growth so that you can make strategies accordingly.

Ending words

AWS development services are becoming more famous because of the monitoring tools that are there in the market. These tools offer complete control over the AWS accounts to the account holders so that businesses can make strategies after analysing different dimensions of their businesses. Before choosing an AWS monitoring tool, businesses need to understand their preferences and objectives properly. A reliable AWS consulting company offers a huge range of AWS monitoring tools so that one can choose according to the requirements.

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