8 Best Small Business Website Examples in 2023

First impression counts when you want to attract more customers via your business website. If you are looking for stunning small business website examples, we have got you covered. We have dug out the best of the best in the market. 

Learn them, get inspired, and be on the top of your game!

More than 80% of people check the website of a business before a purchase. Most people begin their buying journey with an online search first. So, if you lack in robust online presence, you can lose many potential customers and might not even survive in this competitive era. 

Having a well-functioning and stunning website is vital in today’s digital landscape. 75% of your site visitors weigh your brand reliability based on website look and feel, content, user experience, etc. 

So, if you are thinking about the next step in building a captivating business site, but feel kinda stuck. Dont worry! We have rounded up the best small business website examples that are enough to inspire and motivate you to come up with the finest one.

But, before we learn the best website examples, it is important to know what separates the interesting sites from the boring ones.

Let’s dive in!

What Ingredients Make a Website Excellent and Fruitful?

Many businesses utilize video editing apps to create compelling brand promotional clips to attract the attention of their prospective customers online. In reality, several things make a website excellent and fruitful. But we have listed the major ingredients that make a site great which are:


Your website should be visually appealing and look professional. As it showcases your offerings and brand, it has to be uncluttered, and rich with high-quality pictures and graphics that can grab the attention of your visitors.


The way your site works in terms of quickness and correctness is equally vital for making it fruitful. Slow and poorly constructed web pages repel your visitors from your site forever. You need to run regular testing on the website to ensure it is operating fast and functional at all times.


Your site should offer easy navigation for all types of visitors both tech-savvy and non-technical person. Your visitors will not make extra efforts to get the information as every person likes quickness. So, allow them to accomplish their goals quickly. 

Mobile Optimized

90% of people use their mobile to look for products online. Therefore, your website should work well on all types of operating systems. Making your website mobile-friendly will enhance user experience and also boost your SEO rankings.

Quality Content

Content that you include in your website should be high quality and offer value to your target audience. Be accurate, avoid jargon, be relevant, and keep updating your content regularly to offer fresh information. This will make your visitors keep coming back to your website.

Clear Call to Action

Show the purpose of your website clearly to your visitors. If you ask nothing of your visitors, they won’t do anything. Put sharing buttons, offer downloadable toolkits, persuade them to provide their email address or learn more about your business, etc. 

Search Optimized

Your work doesn’t end after building and launching a compelling website. It should get enough traffic to gain customers otherwise all your efforts would go in vain. Make your site search optimized via keyword research, meta tags, sharing links, etc.

By now, you have understood all the essential elements that make a website excellent. Let’s explore the list of noteworthy small business website examples that will inspire you to make yours the best.

8 Best Small Business Website Examples to Aquire More Customers

Here is the list of best small business websites from a variety of industries.

1. Beast Code (IT Website Example)

Beast Code is a small to medium IT company that specializes in software development. With a business name like that, your hope gets high in terms of its website and offerings. When you visit their site, you will not be disappointed a bit. With a warfighter and spaceship homepage, it offers visitors a compelling first impression.

What makes the Beast Code website excellent?

  • The innovative spaceship background gives a good insight into the company’s tech potential. 
  • The presence of visual block videos in the z-pattern is one of the best video elements on the site.
  • The conversational tone in the content reflects professionalism, intelligence, and humor.
  • The red call-to-action buttons with black background. 

2. Aledade (Healthcare Business Site Example)

Aledade is a care physician partner that has a variety of offerings. From partnership programs and practice management support to group practices, private practices, and community health centers, they have a mix of offerings. Even with a complex target audience and offerings, the website successfully guides its visitors well with easy navigation.

What makes the Aledade website excellent?

  • The use of soft and smiling images along with bold font shows their authority in their field.
  • An intuitive header and small menu below the headline help visitors navigate different segments of the site.
  • The card-style reel with quality image thumbnails makes the homepage look clean and organized.
  • The appearance of elements while scrolling gives added life to the page.

3. GoPuff (Ecommerce Website Example)

GoPuff is an online grocery store that has comparatively better web design than other typical stores in the city. The website has thrown all the essentials in its homepage which helps buyers not to skip anything important. This website offers a convenient shopping experience to its visitors. 

What makes the GoPuff website excellent?

  • Carousel format and simple layout along with subcategory pages.
  • The message ‘we don’t hike or surge the prices’ shows that they know their target market very well.
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate design.
  • Made last-minute shopping very convenient for the buyers.

4. Frisbie Realty (Real Estate Website Example)

Frisbie Realty is a small real estate company in Palm Beach. Its website has all the key elements that keep visitors longer on the page. The first impression of this website is quite appealing. Not only this, but many components of this site keep the visitors engaged for a long time.

What makes the Frisbie Realty website excellent?

  • High-quality pictures used on the site display that Frisbie is a high-end realtor.
  • The ‘Welcome Home’ title on the homepage offers an inviting feel to the visitors.
  • The property search function below the image with an appealing contrasting blue button is intriguing.
  • They did good content marketing by placing a neighborhood guide on the homepage.
  • The options like adjusting contrast, increasing/decreasing font size, underlining links, etc. on the bottom left are a great accessibility feature.

5. Born & Bred (Design Agency Website Example)

Born & Bred has one of the best web designs on our list. Their website does full justice to the nature of their business. As a design company, they have showcased their talent in terms of font, design, images, videos, animation, etc. on their site. 

What makes the Born & Bred website excellent?

  • The scroll experience is cool and will take you on a tour. 
  • The reel playing on the top will capture every visitor’s attention.
  • The content is quite conversational. 
  • The placement of core values on the right side of the homepage is smart.

6. Subtle Asian Treats (Retail E-commerce Website Example)

Subtle Asian Treats deals in high-quality kawaii and cute merchandise. It is a great example of a small e-commerce business that offers all the elements in their website that make it excellent.

What makes the Subtle Asian Treats website excellent?

  • The bubbling tea icon in the word ‘Subtle’ is cute and captivating.
  • Nanobar is on the top for announcing important information and sales promotions.
  • The use of emojis to navigate the menu bar is quite innovative and cute as well.
  • Their clickable homepage logo is placed in the center which is normally on the top left of most sites.
  • Unique and intuitive design.
  • Great user experience.

7. Eleven (Advertising Website Example)

Just like Born & Bred, this website does not disappoint and lives up to what they are offering to its customers. Eleven is an advertising agency that has included some of the captivating designs on its website.  

What makes the Eleven website excellent?

  • Tons of fascinating visuals in the full-width background video on the homepage are appealing. 
  • The use of video background as a CTA is quite innovative.
  • The ‘About Us’ page showcases equity, inclusion, and diversity.

8. Brittany Chiang (Web Developer Portfolio Website Example)

Brittany Chiang is one of the renowned web developers. Her website is resume-styled and showcases what she does in a simple statement. 

What makes the Brittany Chiang website excellent?

  • The use of neutral colors with a dark background captures attention to CTA and the company name.
  • The effect of multiple dimensions on the ‘Experience’ page gives a 3D feel.
  • Even with a lot of text the ‘Work’ page is quite organized and easy to read.

Concluding Thoughts

Almost every customer judges the credibility of a business based on its website. If you want your visitors to stay on your website for longer and navigate your offerings, keep all the pointers that we have mentioned in check. It will greatly help you in coming up with the best and most stunning website that will lure many of your prospective customers.

This was our handpicked list of small business website examples from a variety of industries. We hope you have jotted down all the intriguing points of these sites. 

Please do share what inspired you and what things you have included in your site. We would love your hear from you!

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