How Online Job Application System Hire Best Talent


All modern recruiters know about the online job application system. Even if you have not heard about this software before, do not worry! We are here to discuss how this new-age hiring software can help you survive and give tough competition to your competitors in the job market. 

Moreover, we will tell you the reasons to adopt this software and add it to your recruiting tech stack. So, why wait any longer? Let us get started!

What challenges did recruiters face with traditional hiring?

Traditionally, modern hiring tools did not exist. As a result, recruiters faced many hiring challenges as they used to perform hiring tasks manually. And you will be shocked to learn that despite technological advancements, many recruiters still face many hiring challenges. 

Such recruiters fail to hire the best candidates because they use outdated hiring tools and technologies! Here are some common challenges recruiters face when they perform hiring tasks manually instead of using the online job application system:

  • Recruiters used to fail to offer a positive recruitment experience to candidates.
  • HRs experienced inaccuracies in hiring data input that resulted in bad-quality hires.
  • Recruiters used to fail to track candidates during recruitment.
  • Hiring managers could not store all recruitment and candidate data in one place.
  • Recruiters used to waste a lot of time, effort, and company resources.
  • Hiring professionals used to get no opportunity to build a qualified candidate database.

If you are also facing the above problems in your recruitment process, do not worry! Luckily, you live in a technology-driven business world where the online job application system stands by your back. 

So, let us discuss the exact meaning of this software in the next step!

What does the online job application system exactly mean?

An online job application is a new-age hiring software that uses cloud technology to help recruiters simplify hiring. The software offers many advanced hiring features, as it is specially designed to streamline hiring. It can automate many hiring tasks, such as building a company’s career page, managing job applications, tracking applicants, etc.

Usually, recruiters use the online application system on desktop devices such as laptops and computers. However, many vendors now offer the mobile accessibility feature with their job application software. This way, you can use the online jobs application system login to access the software on your mobile phone.

Now that you know the meaning of this software, the next step is to learn why you need it to streamline hiring!

Why should you adopt the online job application system?

No matter the size and nature of your organization, the online job application system can help you in different ways! However, you should adopt the job application software primarily for two reasons. First, the software can help you offer a seamless recruiting experience to all job applications. Second, it can handle all the heavy-lifting tasks associated with recruitment. 

In addition, the job application system can conveniently store, manage, and track requirement data. It means you and your hiring team members do not have to perform repetitive hiring tasks. Moreover, you can access recruitment data anytime and anywhere. Therefore, adopting the online job application system is probably the best decision if you want to manage job applications effectively throughout recruitment.

However, recruiters who aim to enhance overall hiring productivity usually adopt the ATS software. That is because ATS offers many advanced features, including job application management. In other words, ATS does not primarily focus on managing job applications. Instead, job application management is one of the many features offered by ATS.

Now that you know why you should invest in the job application system, you must be curious to know what the software can do for you. So, let us discuss this in the next step!

Online job application system: Four core features to know!

The benefits of the online jobs application system USA will only be realized when one knows how to use its features effectively. However, it will be necessary for you to understand what the software features are and how they relate to your needs. Here are the four core features of the job application software that you need to know: 

Managing career page

Having a successful career page and job description is the only basis for building a positive image as a company to job seekers. As such, the application forms contribute towards helping employers manage their career page while updating in line with current information.

Promoting communication

We know that hiring the best candidates alone with an ATS is not that easy. Hence, you must work together with other recruiting team members. You cannot deliver a frictionless recruiting experience for candidates if they are not put in the loop. As such, the software comes with email templates and chatbots to help in the process.

Posting jobs

Top talent might be found through the best job remote USA platforms as well as social media channels. The job application system can, in this case, assist you in sourcing candidates by posting jobs on the best online job boards. More than this, the software makes your job postings become only a one-click affair.

Storing candidate information

Recruiters sometimes get the right candidates at the wrong time who they know can be employed in future vacancies. In that case, the software can store such candidates’ information in the database. Recruiters will be able to look for this data when needed to fill new job vacancies.

So, these were a few features of the online job system. But remember, this list is not just limited to four features. So, moving ahead, what are some myths about the job application software that we can skip now? Therefore, in the next section, let us address this aspect.

What are some myths about the job application system?

Undoubtedly, the online job application system offers many benefits to hiring professionals. However, there are some myths about this software in the job market. Here are the three most common myths that you should know:

Buying an ATS doesn’t help attract candidates

Adopting a job application system does not help recruiters attract candidates as it is not designed to do so. You can only attract candidates with the right hiring strategies and employer brand. 

ATS does not help to source candidates

Although an online job application system can help you post jobs to multiple platforms, it cannot boost your candidate sourcing process. The number of candidates you source only depends on the first impression you make on candidates.

Switching to hiring software is time-consuming

Many recruiters think adopting a job application system is time-consuming. However, this can be true in some cases. But one thing we can say for sure is this time investment is worth it. Moreover, it will benefit you even in the long run.

Clear about all the misconceptions about job application software? Let us now move ahead and learn how you can choose the right service provider for your online job application system needs!

Choosing the right job application system provider

You will know that the hiring software market is highly crowded once you enter it. That is because there are hundreds of online job application system vendors in the US market. The only advantage of so many providers is that you have many software choices for your company. But sometimes, you may also get confused while choosing the best hiring software service provider. 

If you are in a situation like this, here are the two types of job application system providers you should consider:

  • Providers that focus on the job application software market and offer an onboarding module with the application software.
  • Vendors that provide the job application system as a core human resources management module.

Wrapping up

Now that you know everything about an online job application system, do you wish to invest in one? If yes, try ATS software by Pitch N Hire. Our high-quality software can help you post jobs on the best job boards, source the best talent, track candidates, schedule interviews, and many more. Thus, we recommend you visit our website and book a FREE software demo with our experts today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What do we mean by an online employment/job application? 

Ans. An online jobs application is a form you receive from job seekers during your job openings. Job seekers submit this form while applying for jobs in your company online. In other words, they express their interest in your job vacancies by sending you an employment application in response to your online job postings.

Q2- What kind of organizations use the job application software?

Ans. Usually, large business organizations rely on job application software to store and manage the large number of job applications they receive from applicants. However, many small organizations also use the online job application system to ensure systematic management of job applications. 

Q3- Can the job application system boost talent acquisition?

Ans. Yes, the online job application system can not only make hiring fast and easy for you, but it can also boost your talent acquisition process. It is because the software ensures your job postings reach the right target audience. Moreover, by using the software, you can ensure you find the most qualified candidates with whom you can go ahead in your recruitment pipeline.

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