How To Fix Windows Live Mail Issues?

Windows live mail is an email client pre-installed with Windows and is used by many users for personal and professional purposes. It is reported that after upgrading to windows ten or system updating, it creates Windows Live Mail Issues. Either live mail won’t start or open. Users get frustrated because they rely so much on windows live mail for personal and unprofessional purposes.

Reasons of Windows Live Mail Issues:-

The possible reason behind this particular issue can be the issue related to the graphics card drive in the device, or the graphics card driver can cause a problem with post updated Windows 10. Also, apart from this, this issue can occur due to outdated and corrupted cache of the Windows Live Mail app on the computer. This issue can occur due to the interference of any third-party antivirus app or software installed in the device. Some of the other errors are listed over here. As the windows live mail is over security feature, the anti-virus software may block the windows live mail from functioning in the computer for some security reasons. 

Different types of Windows Live Mail Issues:-

There can be various kinds of windows Live mail errors; users face many problems while using the server or working on the windows mail server. 

1. Error 3219 ( 0x8DE00005) – 

When your window lives, mail displays an “Error 3219” on the device’s screen. This indicates that live mails cannot connect with the Hotmail/ outlook or MSN server to retrieve the mails. The error can occur due to 2 types of authentications that use the same credentials at the exact timing. One certificate is used for sign-in purposes, and another one is for the mail server. This is one of the vital issue out of all Windows Live Mail Issues.

Solution for the errors mentioned above – This problem can be fixed by re-configuring the mail server of Windows Live Mail. The below-mentioned steps are referred to—

  • Open windows live mail and then head towards accounts.
  • Tap and click on + icon with @ symbol.
  • Then, fix the correct username and password.
  • Select the server type.
  • Type the server address along with a port number in the server address option.
  • Now, tick the Secure Connection SSL.
  • Have to write the server address under outgoing server information and write the port number in the port type
  • Put a tick on secure connection SSL and require authentication.
  • Click next.

This problem can be solved, and that account will be added to the left panel of window live mail.

2. Window lives mail errors 0x8007007A while sending emails –

Sometimes windows ten displays a 0x8007007A mistake. It means the emails cannot be sent through the application. This problem occurs when an attachment is being sent from one drive. Emails with images, albums (attachments) can be sent via skydive. The Emails with attachments cannot be shipped due to the recent update in one drive. For this, the Emails get stuck in the outbox and cannot be sent.

Solution for the errors mentioned above –

  • Delete the message which is causing this error
  • After this, another message can be sent
  • Remove and configure the window live mail account
  • Uncheck to create a photo from photo attachments. 

3. Live mail authentication error if displaying 0x800ccc0B –

Some email service providers do not require authentication for outgoing mails. But these live window mails need different authentication for outgoing emails. If the 0x800ccc0B is displaying, it means the email service provider requires authentication for outgoing emails.

Solution for the error mentioned above-

  • Open window lives mail and then go to Accounts.
  • Press the email account on which the error is showing.
  • Click ‘properties.’
  • Click on the Server tab and check the checkbox My server requires authentication.

By this process, incoming and outgoing email authentication can be enabled. After this, the error will not be shown again.

The email service provider will use the password and username for outgoing authentication mails. If it does not occur, then follow the below instructions-

  • Click the settings
  • After this, the outgoing email server properties section will be shown.
  • Log on and provide the account name and password.
  • Click ok.

After the configuration of the outgoing emails, send other emails to check if the error is still there or not. 

4. Error 0x800ccc0f windows live mail –

An inappropriate SSL mainly causes live mail 0x800ccc0f for SMTP settings. Apart from this, a client or user’s firewall or anti-virus website can block a port. This error mainly occurred due to excessive using third-party antivirus firewalls or suites.

Solution for error as mentioned earlier –

  • Have to Change the port
  • Temporarily disable the third-party antivirus app/website
  • Scan the PC
  • Uninstall and then again install windows live mail.
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Reinstall network adapter driver.

5. Error 0x800ccc0e in windows live mail –

If it displays 0x800ccc0e windows live mail error, primarily the application cannot connect to a mail server.

Connect email provider to know the email provider’s SMT server location if not known.

Solution for the error mentioned above-

Remove and re-add the WLM account

  • First, Launch the live window mail.
  • Right-click on the email account
  • Select the remove account.
  • Click yes
  • Close the mail app
  • Restart the device
  • System is opened, open window live mail.
  • Add email account
  • After completing the setup, check If an error is there or not.

I hope, Through all these methods and solutions to these errors, Windows Live Mail Issues are fixed and your problems with the subject are solved. For any suggestions or queries, please write that in the comment box.

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