How to use spy app for WhatsApp monitoring? TheOneSpy Review

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps around the world. It has billions of active users, and today people of all ages are using the social messaging app all day long on their cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. It is a free cross-platform that enables users to make voice and video calls, send and receive text messages, and more. It is fascinating for everyone because it can keep you in touch with friends and family all the time.  It was the first social messaging app that has offered a free internet-based messaging service. Let’s see how to use spy app for WhatsApp monitoring.

It requires a stable internet connection to use it for messaging. People from the business sector and many others like parents reluctant to do WhatsApp monitoring. You can use a spy app to monitor WhatsApp.

What is the TheOneSpy spy app for WhatsApp?

It is an application that you can install cellphone devices and monitor every activity. It can track phones connected to the internet to the fullest. You can track social messaging apps, like WhatsApp, and get the logs of sent and received messages, text conversations, voice and video call logs, and voice messages. Moreover, track live cellphone calls, capture screenshots, record keystrokes, record screen of a cellphone, and record the surrounds of a cellphone. It also monitors internet history, GPS location, emails, social media logs, VoIP calls, and you can use to block internet, messages, and incoming calls on a cellphone remotely.

When you are going to install it on the phone, it does require physical access on the cellphone. You can use the features of the TheOneSpy spy app via its online control panel and get the monitoring results as well.


It is compatible with the cellphone devices running with Android OS and you can perform WhatsApp monitoring on the cellphone without them knowing. You can use it on Android up to version 11.

How to install TheOneSpy Spy app for WhatsApp monitoring?

You can install a spying app for WhatsApp on a cellphone device, but you have to get the TheOneSpy license initially. You can visit the website to get a subscription. You will have the credentials via email. Now get physical access to the target device and initiate the configuration process. When you have done with the installation, then activate it on the target phone. Now you can use the user ID and password and use the online dashboard available features to monitor social app and other cellphone activities to the fullest. Let’s discuss the features briefly.

Use the Spy app to monitor WhatsApp & Cellphone activities

Screen recording

It is a feature that is the most powerful and advanced to record the live screen of a cellphone active with the social messaging app. You can record back to back short videos of WhatsApp screen active on the phone screen. You can record the activity of messages, chat, voice and video calls, voice messages, and media sharing. You can watch the recorded videos via an online control panel.

WhatsApp logs

You can track cellphone running with the social messaging apps, and you can monitor messages, conversations, audio-video calls, and voice messages of the messenger.

WhatsApp VoIP call recording

Do you want to listen to the secret voice calls of the social messaging app, and then you can use TheOneSpy spy software. It enables you to record and listen to the one-sided voice calls of the social messaging app on the web control panel.


It is a feature that provides you the screenshots images of the phone screen active with the instant messenger. You can schedule plenty of screenshots at once on the target device and capture screenshots of the instant messenger.

Keystrokes logging

Now you can use the keylogger tool on the mobile and capture every keystroke used, like password, messenger, email, and messages keystrokes with a time stamp.

Internet history

Users can access the phone remotely and target the browsers installed to visit the complete internet history in terms of websites and bookmarking activities.

Remote spy

Users can remotely block internet access on the phone to prevent every activity on WhatsApp, like messages, voice calls, text conversations, and many more.


TheOneSpy is the best spy app for a cellphone that enables you to perform WhatsApp monitoring to the fullest.

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